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Does the police, the army and the government overthrow? THE ANSWER IS: NO !!!!!


Criminals, pedophiles, traffickers, murderers, devil worshipers, terrorists, bankers, fraudulent European parliamentarians and government officials go unhindered because an agenda is being implemented: Agenda 2030, introducing the New World Order (Illuminati).

The vast majority of the population is in a deep sleep, and that desires to keep Satan's rulers alive. Mostly, the rulers even see that most of the population dies. They want to keep up to 500 million people on Mother Earth who have adopted the RFID CHIP. Controlled slaves will then do the work for the elite so that the elite can stay alive in luxury, food and drink and continue to suppress the population (slaves). Whether they will succeed is another question, since there are many revelations in 2017. Many networks of child warriors (pedophiles) are currently being exposed. The drama that takes place in the world is getting clearer, it's a big power game

We can stand in our own strength when we wake up and know the Truth and the Lies of the rulers who really get behind the scenes. These rulers are NOT good at the world citizens and will therefore have to be turned off in time before we are handed over to the Gods. It's up to you and to all of us, the people, make a conscious choice, do you choose Good or Bad?

Agenda 2030 - New World Order - Google yourself agree with the words below (do not be afraid):

Combine the following keywords, which will find many puzzle pieces of the big jigsaw puzzle that is called the "Earthly Truth":

Negative puzzle pieces:

Drugstore King's house St. Maarten, Illuminati Merkel, New World Order, Satanic Rituals Round House, Demmink Thief, Manuel Schadwald, Demmink, Prince Claus and Apollo, Bilderberg Group, Subliminal Messages Walt Disney, Skull and Bones, Cabal, Deep State, 33th Degree Freemasons, Bohemian Grove, Area 51, Base 211 Antartica, Templars, Vatican Occults Satanism, White Pope, Gray Pope, Black Pope, Knights or Malta, FEMA Camps, RIHV Chip, 666 (Number of the Beast), Banks Rothschilds, Jesuits, Vault 7 Central Intelligence Agency, CERN, HAARP, False Flag Operations, Alien Eye Illuminati, Agenda 21, Agenda 2030, Mind Control Matrix, Club of Rome, Georgia Guides, Demons Argons, Negative Entities,

Positive puzzle pieces:

3rd eye, pineal gland.


Listen to Ronald Bernard's revelational interviews, telling him openly about the world of big money and the reason why his conscience began to play. Do this with your friends, friends and family. It is of the utmost importance that people realize how the world really is.

Click here for the video or review the URL: https://youtu.be/3C-KHt9vi5k

Misbah Mouad wrote the following message to Facebook on June 13, 2017:

Just for all clarity for the genes who are thinking about being awake. The world has been led by the satanic elite ever since. Destruction and destruction of seed divide and rule is their strategy and propagate sex and materialism through hollywood and many other things are their networks, they lead the youth to develop the best in place of the spiritual. Everything to prevent you coming close to God. Sex drugs and rock and roll are the motto. Drugs are massively produced in Afghanistan, Colombia and Morocco, heroin, cocaine and hash. This is therefore being shipped by the CIA to the States and Europe to meet the youth.

Youth is trained for a new world order. A global unity with a slave population that ruler of Jerusalem will rule the world from the temple complex to be built. The freemasonry that once were the temple knights achieved this purpose for the united Antichrist. He will act as a king than a prophet who can perform miracles then as godhead. Many will follow the antichrist at this time. This deceived the world as a false prophet. I believe this will not happen before the 3rd world will break war.

And a massive nuclear war will break out, which will cause a large part of the population to be decimated. The elite has giant underground bunkers where they are located for thousands of people. What they have for the next ten years to survive in different countries, they have a bunker. The current knowledge that citizens have will be totally destroyed and this will be available only to the devil elite. All universities and schools destroyed in war and lack of technology such as the Internet and it. V, the generations born after the war will be reborn through sexual and materialism and a totally new belief that enjoys a huge fast popularity and will spread as a running fire. The faith is accompanied by different rituals, sex, homophilia, pedophilia and ritual sacrifices. Actually everything is allowed. How will the people who believe in this era be. People who will take back to primitive weaponry to defend themselves.

There is only one country that has remained completely unharmed, and that is great Israel from the euphrates to the nile. From Jerusalem, the world will be ruled. Believing there will be almost like Islam and Christianity and Judaism there will still be people who had heard of their parents about one another. It will be said: I heard of my grandfather that there is a god called Allah / God / Elohim. And you will not know more about this. This time will be a very difficult time for mankind until the advent of Jesus / Isa / Yeshua.

And the world will be liberated from the dark. But not without battles or blows there will first be some wars. Before the advent of Jesus already, the antichrist will be murdered. And the world will live in peace by the advent of Jesus.


Listen to Neset Temirci's vlog below about the corrupt practices of Government and King's House and developments in the world!


Listen to Bart van Well's vlog below, which tells about Neset Temirci and the corrupt practices of Government and King's House and developments in the world!


Take a look at Robert van de Luitgaarden's television broadcast, which tells about the sexual abuse that happened to him after he was taken home. The perpetrator is the director of child protection note bene! Robert van de Luitgaarden recently wrote a book about his terrible past. The book is called "Weggejorist" and is for sale in the bookstore.


After a youth of abuse, orphanages, misery and fighting, Do Niem started a fellow group: Do Niem! An intriguing interview, judgment and look by yourself. Broadcast of Sunday, May 21, 2017 at 17:20 from Omroep Gelderland - Program: Gelderland Helpt


According to witnesses, there was no bomb gone during the illuminati concert of Ariana Grande in Manchester! However, the news appears in the newspapers as such and causes a great shock of fear. The illuminati wants to make the population anxious and comes up with a solution. For the population, however, this means even more restrictions on freedom and more armed police and army are on the streets. The police and the army will be used in the future against their own people when the population is in rebellion.

The False Flags happen to be able to roll out the plans of the New World Order (Illuminati). The New World Order is controlled by a secret power behind the screen, the DEEP STATE, to inform you about it. Wake up people, Waky Waky!

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