What is the significance of Agenda 21, Agenda 2030, illuminati or New World Order?

If you are already a while is walking and have done a lot of research, you know that it is the reality. You see it develop before your eyes.

The "war on terror" that never seemed to end proved to be the perfect way to permanently make war against all citizens, everyone, everywhere, at any time.

Essentially designed to wipe out the human race, to the benefit of a small group known as the Illuminati, aka globalization, Rothschild Khazarian Mafia, summarized the Archon bloodline families, in our society carry the forefront as the "financial elite '.

The basic plan for Agenda 21 and now in 2030 was written by Professor Weishaupt in 1776 which at the time was also the founder of the Illuminati Order; actually a fascist Nazi organization, as their front men, almost all government, let act as their puppet. - Our "elected" leaders sold out to this satanic masters that remain hidden from the public, but to rule from behind the scenes. Politicians who take blows or early dismissal from school, be disciplinary punished by premature death.

The ultimate goal of the Illuminati is to own the planet for themselves, and to be operated by up to 500 million people may live as their serfs, which the rest will be cut from the current population.

The most recent major steps forward were taken late last month, at the 70th Assembly of the United Nations in New York, where were presented all the coordinated actions of the one-world government, but which hardly anyone, whether the media is talking about, let alone the importance understand.

By recognizing which part has already been realized in our daily life, you can determine how far the blog has been sought:

- Creation of racist crime
- Constantly changes to confusion
- The undermining of the authority of teachers at schools
- Education of sex and homosexuality to children
- Massive immigration influx to destroy the national identity
- Encourage excessive drinking
- Promotion of drug abuse
- The emptying of churches - to undermine any kind of social cohesion
- Legal system with bias against victims of crime
- Increasing dependence on public benefits - and pull it back as happens now.
- Control and manipulation of the media
- Encouraging the destruction of family ties

Items such as 'massive immigration influx to destroy the national identity "-" the teaching of sex with young children "-" sedition teachers' -'lege kerken'- and "controlling the media, to be clear throughout the western world observable.

Outwardly for humanity Agenda 21 modified and renamed the "new universal Calendar". Officially known as the Agenda 2030 program, which is hyped as the way to work together around the world to improve life for everyone. This agenda is presented as the admirable 'new agenda' which awaits the world, with more globalization and more centralization!

Under the guise established in the interest of all nation-states, is the single umbrella of the New World Order, which should provide sustainable life on the planet, and stop climate change. - Unfortunately, still today, too many people too complacent and totally ignorant of the many warnings that are visible everywhere. They still think that the authorities are there to care for them, and the explanations on this site regarded as impossible, and thus dismissed as a conspiracy concocted. Unfortunately, this is NOT the case.

But more importantly, the pope gave his stamp of approval to this treacherous new Agenda 2030. He is probably the most powerful religious political leader on the planet, so its approval is extremely important, because hundreds of millions of people follow him with unconditional loyalty. But please let the approval of the Pope not deceive you. The Agenda 2030 is a tool that use the Illuminati to push us toward a one-world system, which will not be realized later than in the year 2030. Note; 15 years from 2015.