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John Baselmans has already written many sensational books as a whistleblower and lays bare many lies of Satanic Royal Family of the Netherlands! If you've have read his books, you wake up and you know who has the real power behind the scenes and that corrupt practices are taking place on Mother Earth,

Comment from John Baselmans on 19-02-2017 wrote on Facebook:

Netherlands and censor their colonies very much. Why do you think I got my 63 books are free on the Internet? In the first two years of my books were sold as fresh sandwiches. I could not handle all the orders. Then came the boycott and the one to the other bookstore refused my books. Thus, for example, also The great thing is my publisher, and Amazon do well and sell tasty too sure because I do not earn anything roalties and continue on the books.
Money has never been an agent and so I came to download it for free. And that makes several books (including the matrix, mafia books) millions of times downloaded and read.
That is the power of the Internet.

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