In the universe is free energy (zero point energy) a matter of course. That's not surprising, because everything is energy, as Einstein discovered (E = mc2). And every form of energy is to be converted into another form of energy (electricity, for example), by adjusting the frequency at which the energy is moving. That's because the basic energy for each element is the same, namely the energy of light / love. Just as you can stop a house from Lego and there can make a puppet.

According extraterrestrial sources in contact with Earthlings (whether by channeling), we are one of the few civilizations that have reached such a high level, where free energy is still not penetrated civil society. That's not our fault, because many inventors like Nikola Tesla, who had developed perfectly working zero point energy devices and wanted to introduce to the public, the mouth was silenced by the powerful Illuminati. Tesla had even invented several ways to generate power, including a kind of box that would produce electricity from nothing but air.

The most simple way to produce free energy, is by a magnet motor. That anyone can make, just by sticking a pair of the same magnets along the edge of a disk and leave it open at least one piece. If you drive a shaft and put a large magnet to hold, he turns around forever (or at least 1,300 years, the average age of a magnet).

The vortex which is created by the empty boxes, provides sufficient speed to let through the disc rotating and additionally offers some considerable residual energy that can be used for other things. Free energy so. The operation of this principle was already demonstrated by the American entrepreneur and researcher George Green. On YouTube to find a number of examples and who themselves are looking for a bit will see how many variations there are of these simple magnet motor.


Watch the video below how they themselves can produce free energy: