John H. Baselmans writes on February 5, 2017 about themselves that "How the CID and that is what I have experienced to date, I am under the guardianship of the security service, and I'm totally disconnected from everything press, political. or media. also, I can not travel because one will hold me and every officer I will hear about it again. There has also been told that I'm unwanted on my island, Netherlands and USA.

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John H Baselmans wrote on April 6, 2017 as follows:

My new book is out!
After two years here have written, I have come to the core of life. A very difficult journey and certainly not easy to tackle. I have tried in this book capture my journey in the hope that people will
understand why we here anything and everything to endure and go through.

Have you already read the latest book "Dimensions" by John Baselmans? The book "Dimensions" (the other side of the world), may be for you a new outlook on life! This book is free to download, as previously published books of John Baselmans.

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