Ronald Bernard speaks and how ...

Shocking revelations by insider banking world. What does Ronald Bernard know, what you need to know?

Ronald Bernard, an initiate from the financial world, dared to tell the camera for his story.

Bernard worked in several branches for more than 25 years. In the financial sector, this was asset management, currency and deposit. He is co-founder of De Blije B, a civilian initiative of professionals.

In this interview, he is frank about the way a small group of elites consisting of around 8000 to 8500 people hold the whole world and what their religious motives are exactly.

Power behind the scenes

"One had to know how the world really got together," said Bernard in conversation with Irma Schiffers. Due to his position, Bernard came in contact with the power behind the scenes. From experience he knows that human lives do not allow for this power. "If you can not put your conscience in the freezer, and not at -18 but at -100, then do not start it," says Bernard.

Creating wars

"It's about financing wars, creating wars, creating a lot of misery in the world," he adds. He opens a booklet about what really plays world-wide in the financial system. The fact that the mass does not believe that this is true has to do with the fact that it is too bad and that it has been successfully stamped with the stamp "conspiracy", which makes you no longer serious about speaking about it.


Bernard ended up in currency trading and became better in organizing cash flows. Then he came into contact with satanism and was asked to do something horrendous, something inhuman. "I could not," he says emotionally. That was the moment he broke and decided to step out. He became aware of a dark world that became almost fatal and chose human dignity.

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The first interview with Ronald Bernard has gone viral and has been watched over 20 million times worldwide. Many comments have been received, and many questions have been asked. Therefore, it is decided to include additional interviews with Ronald Bernard. Coming soon, DVM TV will show more follow-up videos.

In Part 2, Ronald Bernard explains how the Pyramid of Power is linked and how it affects our daily lives. Ronald shows how rich is getting richer and more powerful. And why the mass lives often from a shortage. At the end of the interview you can see a preview of Part 3.

Watch the videos below and share it with friends and family. It is of the utmost importance that people realize how the world really is.

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