The fairy tale called Van Oranje Nassau ...

Willem-Alexander von Amsberg is a Knight of Malta. When he was knighted, he married to dictator Bergoglio, also known as Pope Francis in the Vatican. On this picture you can see that Mr von Amsberg, together with his mother Beatrix Zur Lippe-Biesterfeld and his wife Maxima Zorrigieta, wear the Knights of Malta logo as a brooch. They are members of the same organization as Hitler's NAZI Summit.

Was Prince Bernhard (founder of the Bilderberg Group in 1954) a spy? Watch and listen below the video!

The following 3 websites contain very hot and objectionable information about the Koningshuis!

Part 1: http://capoditutticapi007.blogspot.de/

Part 2: http://capoditutticapi008.blogspot.de/

Part 3: http://capoditutticapi009.blogspot.de/

John H. Baselmans wrote several books about the walk and trade of the Royal House because of drug trafficking!

Among other things, John wrote the book "The Matrix of the System", read it all, so you know what's really happening on Curacao. According to John H. Bazelmans, King Willem Alexander will be there regularly because of the safety of many drug transports on the island.

John H. Bazelmans says himself: "I wrote the 800-page book" The Matrix of the System ", which has been downloaded more than 2 million times. There are pictures and many things about this Koningshuis. I also have Youtube videos about it, more I can not do! "