Send a letter to the king ....? Every Dutch person is free to do that! One of the Dutch who made use of this right to send a letter to the king of the Netherlands is Arjan Bos. Arjan Bos will be familiar with a number of 'other' websites, including www.orongo.nl, www.earth-matters.nl, www.oneheart.nu and www.ankerlarsen.nl.

In his own words he explains the reason for writing: "We have sent the letter below to the king on behalf of the Earth Matters foundation. In all simplicity we want to signal that we are seeing what is happening and what the real obstacles are to achieving all environmental objectives and economic recovery. It is compiled with information available from reliable sources in the public domain. "

Below the text of Arjan's letter, addressed to King Willem-Alexander!

His Majesty the King,

With this open letter we want to share with you from the Earth Matters foundation what matters to us. In recent months several journalistic productions have appeared on a number of issues in which the Netherlands has a key position. They are gems of investigative journalism, but especially the coherence is unmatched and highly disturbing.

First, Tegenlicht takes us on the Tax Free Tour. It reveals that the astronomical amount of 20 times the Gross National Product of the Netherlands is removed from government revenue from other countries due to the central position that the Netherlands occupies in global tax avoidance. This money must be compensated by the taxpayers of those countries, of whom a third are developing countries. It concerns almost all multinationals of some size (23,000 are registered in the Netherlands) and it is shown that the modus operandi is comparable to that of a criminal organization.

In the SOMO article "The Netherlands' sanctuary for companies that violate human rights" and their paper "Private profits, public costs", it is noted that this tax avoidance involves gross violations of human rights with profound and substantial consequences in both the short and the long term.

Project Censored, which is attached to American Sanoma State University, published the article "How the Transnational Ruling Class works". This is based on an investigation by ETH from Zurich, the first of its kind, that looked at the 43,060 transnational corporations and the web of ownership between them. The research created a "map" of 1,318 companies that are at the heart of the world economy. Inside there is a conglomerate of 147 firms that are so super-connected that you can say with good decency that it is one "super-entity" with an unprecedented wealth and has unrivaled power over the world economy.

Raw materials, banks, weapons, media, pharmacy, legal services and food are the areas that they primarily dominate. The article discusses a number of cases that confirm the image of modus operandi from the Tax Free Tour, including gross abuse of power, gigantic environmental scandals and an agenda to further increase the already astronomical distance between rich and poor.

Now your family, besides being a large shareholder of Shell, is also the initiator of the Bilderberg conferences. The place par excellence where all CEOs of the multinationals of this one super-entity meet. That this is also very important to you was already apparent from the fact that you have let the wedding of the friendly Swedish princess Madeleine. The unity of the Oranges with the multinationals is openly of an intimate caliber.

The Netherlands and the Orange have played a crucial and initiating role in globalization and the creation of the one multinational company. As a society, we see a large number of challenges facing us. And whether it concerns the economy, health care, education, defense or the environment, it is strange enough that there are ingenious, simple and cheap solutions for almost all these areas. But what we observe is that precisely those solutions, at any cost, are blocked by governments and the EU. Savings on government budgets mean a loss of turnover for multinationals at the same time, and they are the only ones with an effective lobby with governments and the EU.

It has become an indisputable reality that if the matters discussed in this letter do not constantly lie openly in the media and in political debates, all environmental objectives and economic recovery, have no chance of success in advance. .

Formally you are not in the position to create a turning point and to go back to humanity and respect for the Earth. Formally, however, your family was not in the position to help bring this one multinational corporation into being. In other words, behind the scenes there is a considerable amount of room in the King's concept.

We would therefore like to ask you to fill in your kingship - where possible - unconventionally, and a king with a heart for the people and true guardian of the beautiful piece of Earth that is to be called the Netherlands. For example, you have become proficient in water management. As you know, there is now a big lobby from multinationals to privatize water resources and distribution. This while there are also quite simple techniques that make salt water, fresh water. Widely deployed, the latter could save thousands of lives a day while the first increases inequality.

We trust that as a human being who breathes the same air as us, you want to leave nothing less than a beautiful world to all future generations and wish you a lot of inspiration, wisdom and especially the gentle, silent and joyful power of love when fulfill your King's task.

Heart greetings, Arjan Bos

On behalf of the Earth Matters team