Ritual abuse is a very sadistic form of abuse of children, adolescents and adults, consisting of systematic physical, sexual and psychological abuse which uses rituals.

These rituals need not be necessarily satanic, but most survivors say they were abused as part of Satan ritual worship for the purpose of indoctrinating them with satanic ideas and practices. Ritual abuse can also occur in other sadistic sects or groups.

People who have been abused ritual, often had to deal with incest, other sexual abuse, mistreatment and neglect, for example at home.

Warning: If you are a survivor of ritual abuse, the following information will likely contain triggers, be careful! Below is a list of events and by survivors frequently mentioned characteristics. This review will not be complete, but how difficult it is, wemoeten mention the things that happen in the name to bring them to light:

· A history of sexual abuse beginning in early childhood
· Frightening rituals performed by men in black (red or purple) robes with hoods over their heads (or other similar clothing) This ritual uses such an offering table, blood, a black book (or satan bible), 'chanting' (sing / mutter in foreign sounds), specific cups and knives, fire, animals (e.g. hoses), and symbols such as reverse crosses, pentagrams
· Witchcraft
· Violent and sadistic sexual abuse by both men and women
· Child prostitution
· Being tied
· His witness and to undergo themselves from physical abuse and torture
· Witness and his forced participation in the maim and kill animals
· Repeated threats of death and near-death experiences
· Forced drug
· Witness and his forced participation in the sacrifice of babies and adults
· Forced pregnancies behalf of the sect, and to be sacrificed forced abandonment of the child (whether or not matured)
· Forced cannibalism
· Be buried alive in a coffin or grave
· Frequent be imprisoned
· Withdrawal of sleep and food
· Forced covenant with Satan
· Forced drinking of blood, urine and 'drinks' where you sick of being
· Forced eating feces
· Forced sex with animals
· Sexual abuse of children serving pornographic images
· Psychological abuse, humiliation, brainwashing, oppression, programming, engineering

There are people who call these things weird and extreme and therefore do not believe that these things happen. That does not do justice to survivors. It is important that the truth about these things come out and we realize that people to such evil are able. Only then we can do right survivors and protect children.

Survivors of ritual abuse often fear of Jesus and resistance against God. They may have memories that during ritual abuse somebody like Jesus was dressed up and participated approved to abuse, or abuse. It could also be someone Jesus was supposed to and was too weak to save the child or help. If a child inherits this message, the child will see God as an enemy or as a weakling who can not help. As a survivor later in life to faith in God, which often occurs, and Jesus accepts as Savior, then these memories come up and notice the survivor that he or she is experiencing a tremendous fear of God, or an aversion to Jesus . He or she may then have great difficulty with eg. Pray. A huge anger towards God can emerge, and many distrust towards him. It is very important to take this seriously. It finds its roots in memories and messages that have been given the survivor as a child. The survivor may from the Bible and Christians begin to see around who God really is and that God no form of abuse ever approve.

It may be that the main personality takes the Lord Jesus and come to believe, but there is disunity within. Share Personalities who said memories, fear Him. Other sub-personalities that are still under the influence of the cult are to be hostile to him. It is very important to all sub-personalities to give the time they need to see if they really have Jesus can and will trust. It is crucial to the healing process that selects personally every part personality of Jesus, so that the person in this area is not more divided internally.

Often survivors too much trouble for them to trust God and wrestle with questions of faith. This battle must be taken very seriously. There are no easy answers. It is a growth process. It is good to know that all questions should be asked of God and that all emotions can be expressed also with him. God wants to show himself as a loving and comforting God. Sometimes it is necessary that rescuers His love to show survivors so that trust can grow and eventually also be able to develop a relationship with the Lord Jesus, when they will see that he is reliable and that He is stronger than darkness .

In addition to all sub-personalities that spontaneously caused by extreme trauma, also control satanic sects are of a variety of methods to create deliberately part personalities for their purposes. That can share example programmed for specific tasks in the sect. The creation of these parts can be done for by torture with electric shocks, "spinning torture" (rotation of the victim under extreme speed so that there is another state of consciousness), torture in other ways and administering pain to the victim, through intensive training for task in the sect, (eg. victims who are trained on, from childhood murders in the ritual), etc. Preset share know not different from life in the cult.