Our entire living and care system is built on Satanic foundations. The entire cardhouse is likely to collapse with a certain purpose. In order for the illumination to be able to seize the total world power = NEW WORLD ORDER !!!!! First of all, there must be chaos for a solution to the population:
The all-feared RFID CHIP ...

What is NOW the greatest danger to us? A society without cash !!!!!!!

As Adolf Hitler had Swastika (the crochet cross), so the antichrist will have his insignia, a mark. In addition, he wants to use it as a sign of loyalty. He will use it in his struggle with the Christians.

People need food to live. For this reason, he announces that no one can buy or sell unless he has the mark of the beast on hand or forehead. The antichrist will say, "Whether you carry the mark or you can not buy or sell". Those who do not want to wear the mark will not be able to buy or sell and even be killed on site.

Today, bank cards with PIN and chippers have already taken over a large part of the cash transactions. It is not hard to imagine that cash will soon disappear. The wallet contains many passes, which can be replaced much more easily by one chip managed by a giant central computer system. This involves how much credit you have. But also the chip must pay as a Sofi number, registration of the driver's license and registration of public transport, all kinds of passes and so on. The technique has long been so far. Personal data can be stored or career progress, all from the cradle to the grave. The chip is so small today that it can be applied under the skin of the forehead.

If you are on earth during the great tribulation, think of this: Do not under any circumstances consider the mark of the beast. Because if you do, you will lose all possibility of preservation. Bearing the mark of the beast is the sin that is not forgiven.

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Our Worldview and Our Future? The New World Order? OH NO? With 1 world army, 1 world religion and 1 world paymint? OH NO? With a CHIP in our hand? And no CASH more? OH NO?

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