The DEMMINK DOOFPOT protects the state and the royal house!

Mylène de la Haye says: "That Demmink, everyone knows that's just a fat pedophile, he is covered on every side, but everybody knows." Published on Monday, December 21, 2015. De la Haye says this from 11:15 minute in the video in question.

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Former prime minister of Justice Joris Demmink is not prosecuted for sexual abuse of minors. The court in Arnhem decided on Friday that the Public Prosecutor may stop prosecution. The OM had therefore asked the court.

Following a so-called Article 12 procedure, the court had instructed the OM to further investigate the allegations. In a request to quit the investigation, it announced at the end of June that "there is no reasonable suspicion that Demmink committed himself in the years 1995-1997 to the rapes where two - time - minor Turkish boys reported ''.

There has been research in Turkey, but that did not matter. In addition, a fact-finding investigation has also been carried out in the Netherlands, with the Rijksrecherche investigating all signals of sexual abuse by Demmink. According to the OM, this has also not resulted in criminal offenses.

The court concludes that a "very extensive and thorough" investigation has taken place ", leaving no stone on the other." In the court's opinion, the investigation showed "convincingly" that there are "speculations and assumptions only".

Demmink, former Secretary-General of the Department of Security and Justice, has been under attack for years because of allegations of sexual crimes. There has been research in Turkey, but that did not matter. In addition, a fact-finding investigation has also been carried out in the Netherlands, with the Rijksrecherche investigating all signals of sexual abuse by Demmink. According to the OM, this has also not resulted in criminal offenses. By: ANP

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JD mentioned herein is Joris Demmink.

The boy who is sinking is called Manuel Schadwald.

Baby babies are thought of by Dad through multiple advertisements of ointments on the TV, but not when they are raped by Pedophiles, as a baby, nothing is said about it!

The report below reveals the criminal involvement of the Dutch government in a child pornography and abduction network with rural and European advocates into the highest regions of the Dutch power structure. Although the National Media initially investigated the matter thoroughly and defeated the Demmink Dooppot (which has now An impressive book has appeared with the same title by Jan Poot) to become a brave one-man struggle by journalist Micha Kat, who eventually had to hide himself to make sure his life is safe. A keen relay that will not only sharpen your confidence in politics, but hopefully once and for all get rid of it ...

Undeniable leaders who committed themselves to children of eight or nine years. Children available to parliamentarians, noble gentlemen and spies through kindergartens and other state institutions. Men who enjoyed protection and were never called for accountability for their crimes.

'60 Minutes' examined the case and the cover up, spoke with victims and witnesses and confronted an accomplice. The report even revealed that children were killed to protect the pedal network. In addition, the '60 Minutes' investigation showed that the Australian High Commissioner's driver had the key to unlock the lid's lid. As in the Netherlands there are people who can open the Demmink Doofpot ... but apparently do not get dirty hands, otherwise it would have happened.

Our wish for 2017: light in the darkness of the unclear mysteries, openness about the Demmink Doofpot instead of a final judgment behind closed doors about Demmink's (non-) prosecution. Otherwise, too, in the Netherlands, if it is too late for all, it will finally become clear that there was not only smoke but also fire. Click to continue reading!

Lawyer Turkish boys still want trial Demmink (23-01-2017)

No evidence of rape, as the law suggests? According to Attorney Adèle van der Plas, the OM has sent a tumbler in the reed. Van der Plas said in a letter to the court in Arnhem that the prosecutor's office of former prime minister of the Ministry of Justice Joris Demmink had to sue for a public hearing to deal with allegations of rape of two minor Turkish boys. Read more:

British former Prime Minister Heath did not drive a car, but appeared to pedophile (19-02-2017)

British ex-premier Sir Edward Heath has been dismasked as pedophile twelve years after his death. More than 30 people claim to have been victims of sexual abuse by the conservative politician. The police investigator has declared that the allegations for "120 percent" are correct. The statements made by the police in the British county of Wiltshire show striking similarities, while the victims do not know each other. The investigation into Heath has been launched in the wake of the Jimmy Savile scandal. Read more:

"Spies, Lords and Predators" and our wish for 2017: more daring research journalism in the Netherlands (01-01-2017)

Often too late. Anyway for the victims. But often too late to account for the perpetrators. Scandals that come to light, often after many years, provide insight into the deadly double agendas, the nauseating motives, the power of rest and the lust of power of all ages, it seems. Beer pits are everywhere, especially where you (if you are a little naive) would not expect: in the ecclesiastical bravery, in the civilized establishment, in generous circles, behind political correctness. One day, the truth comes out, followed by a wave of tsunami of indignation. And after some time the rest returns and everything becomes as it was. The abuse in the Catholic church ? There has been an investigation, fine, amen. Prince Bernhard? Not reality has changed, only its memory. And in England, Sir Jimmy Savile, posthumously, became the symbol of abuse, which in that country knew a scale that exceeded Savile's ego countless times. And nobody knows if it's really past. Well, we know that Savile got away with it, and politicians like Cyril Smith and Leon Brittan too.

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