A true story

Last year I was going to involve a vacant convent to Dutch people who neither house fire had run back to help on the road. Councillor Wilma van de Rijt Heeze Leende wanted categorically do not, because you could not live there!

For me there was CCL, and which may also nobody to sleep in the big building because of fire safety. I was also irrelevant. I'd Heroes Management pay a monthly fee of 3,500 euros basic rent.

Now the town has a rather vacant manager called Prevenda, inside which the owner ASKS money and also RECEIVE money from the tenants. These tenants were contrary to what I offered, OR a GBA registration and must be lived there, 53 rooms and must all be occupied. Huh? Yes you read that right! Accompanying the articles in the newspaper:

My article:

And that of the community as a counteroffensive:

But I clearly stated that I had all the disciplines, psychologist, administrator, lawyer, you name it! The following audio file (to add the webmaster) you hear that too much is not right. Agent had been there, and saw that I had keys, and I gave him the phone number of the owner Dennie van Helden.

And the property was and is not for sale, so as to which agency we talking about? Was not so. But .. Nearly half a year later I see the report called a fire alarm, and a day later would be an inspection by the fire department.


Apparently, the inhabitants of the newspaper turned off all the lights and hiding in the attic, because it is dark, stand no cars and no people would be more in t ... Property Uhh ... Who made the message ? Yeah that was a resident named Peter. Strange!

So I call Marc van den Heuvel, to ask for clarification. Below the four conversations with him. They do not last long, but you notice that this guy is thoroughly corrupt, or under pressure from ..yes whom? This Marc also has its own construction consultancy which helps people get permits. Das strange! But Marc van den Heuvel does not know who controls him ... That's certainly strange!

The four calls refer to the link below.

Conversation 1:

Conversation 2:

Conversation 3:

Conversation 4:

Listen and shiver ... Takes max. Fifteen minutes this conversation altogether, but you can hear him getting stuffy. And you hear that he can say nothing then but first rehearsed phrase. Heeze Leende is known for its harsh enforcement, ask each resident there but. Because here more plays than it is said, the enforcement in this area as very lax.

Just a profile of this Marc van den Heuvel (see print screen): and

I find it admirable that these Marc wants to take care of everything, his job as a civil servant, and his company ... He does not know for whom, because he do not know who controls him ... I have spoken with some residents and came interesting e-mail at. If you include the old CDA alderman Northman wants something, it happens! Illegal construction? No problem, old fellow!

We make it right ... but start with building wealth! Reiling's your name? Well ... Then you may rest assured come an illegal sheepfold though! And of course we go to elapse the time that the 1st phase will apply as of right. In the attachment you will see the proof ..

The evidence of vote fraud and blackmail I can not (yet) provide ...

But you can assume that I know more so late on this matter!

With kind regards,