THE The Protocols of the Elders of Zion

The Protocols of the Elders of Zion is according to Wikipedia a fictionalized account of a meeting of Jewish leaders, that would have occurred in 1897 in Basel. These Jewish leaders (Elders of Zion) would have come together to overthrow the Christian society. They also may have forged plans for a Jewish world domination; The "Protocols" describing in detail how this should be achieved. The writing was and is therefore gladly quoted by anti-Semites to make the "Jewish threat" note to prove. Because Freemasonry is also mentioned in the protocols, this is some evidence that there is a Jewish-Masonic conspiracy.

Throughout the 20th century anti-Semitic movement in Germany, Eastern Europe, the United States and used in several Arab countries with great eagerness of the Protocols, the purpose of anti-Semitic measures "to curb the Jewish danger." In various manifestations of anti-Semitism, even today, the protocols still pop up. A current example is the charter of the Palestinian movement Hamas, which is frequently quoted from the Protocols of Zion, to show the "Zionist conspiracy". In the Middle East is not doubted by many to the authenticity of the Protocols, which are also widely available as "historical literature."

Chapters of the book (click to download the book):

  • Protocol I: The primary doctrine
  • Protocol II: Economic wars
  • Protocol III: Victory Methods
  • Protocol IV Materialism replaces religion
  • Protocol V: Despotism and Modern Progress
  • Protocol VI: Acquisition Technology
  • Protocol VII: Global wars
  • Protocol VIII: Provisional Government
  • Protocol IX: Re-education
  • X protocol: Preparing for power
  • Protocol XI: The totalitarian state
  • Protocol XII: Control the press
  • Protocol XIII: Distractions
  • Protocol XIV: Attack on Religion
  • Protocol XV: Ruthless suppression
  • Protocol XVI Brainwashing
  • Protocol XVII: Abuse of power
  • Protocol XVIII: Caught Name of opponents
  • Protocol XIX: Rulers and people
  • Protocol XX: Finance program
  • Protocol XXI Loans and credit
  • Protocol XXII: The Power of Gold
  • Protocol XXIII: Indoctrination of respect
  • Protocol XXIV Qualities of the Ruler