If the truth of the flat Earth comes out, that's the end of existing patterns of power and the end of NASA!

Demand for self-examination:

What do you think is the shortest route to the airport from the eastern tip of New Zealand to the most western point of South America? You can book this trip really do you? If so, we want to see the flight schedule by e-mail response: waarheidofleugen@gmail.com

Three-point measurement at approximately 6:30 minutes.

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's Wonderful complete explanation

Why Zetetic flat earth map is correct!
Gravity is not there! It's density!
Flight times and rotation

If the reality of the flat Earth comes out, that's the end of existing patterns of power and end NASA
geocentric truth
The perspective of the flat earth (very clear)
Migratory birds prove that the earth is NOT running.

Flat earth. facts not theories
Meteor pops apart from Karman Line

Int. Space station is an illusion, does not exist
On the flight from Christchurch to Rio
Flat earth from plane
So we are brainwashed from childhood
Moon hologram projection: clouds behind the moon
Rays of the sun, sun is very close

Clues to the flatearth 1 Empty theater
Clues to the flat earth 2 The adm wall. Byrd
Clues to the flatearth 3 Making maps
Clues to the flatearth 4 "Shell Beach" ...
Clues to the flatearth 5 The status quo
Clues to the flatearth 6 Perception of depth
Clues to the flatearth 7 The long crossing
Clues to the flatearth 8 The creative force
Clues to the flatearth 9 The magical
Clues to the flatearth 10 Hiding creator
Clues to the flatearth 11 Souls in the system

Satellites are fake

Proof flat earth
Tip: Meine Reiseplanung flache und die Erde
The moon is a hologram (video evidence)
The Dutchman Gerard Building on geocentricity
Kola Ultra Deep drilling experiment

Is a feather in the Arctic also on the equator?
From Sydney to Rio

Nasa has fairy tales for everyone
World Maps falsified

NWO symbolism in logo NASA
Earth maps ... to draw quite tricky ...

Explanation of the sunset
Heliocentricity is a lie

What did the "old" ones on earth?
Engaging: is square terrestrial soil?

NASA's fake ball earth versus true flatearth
The earth and the silver moon
The flat earth and the man in the mirror
The horizon and flat earth, easily explained
How does a slinky? (gravity invalidated)
Felix Baumgartner, still a fake experiment
Earth does not move at all, impossible traffic
Heliocentrism: false science
The Sky Has A limit! Glass Karma line.
NASA fakes it all, space station is a hoax
Sun, moon and stars prove flat earth

Video Earth & Beyond

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