A small group of people has been working on a declaration against the state of the Netherlands. The charge consists of a few dozen parts. Below the list of charges;

High treason, surrender (slow-motion) to a non-democratic superstate, conspire and oppress population, theft of Dutch citizens, transfer money creation to private banks.

Attempted to kill, inflict severe physical injury, discriminate unemployed, remember the basic need of the weaker in our society, introduce forced labor, conduct and support illegal wars.

Deliberately leaving limits for influx strangers, deliberately raising public debt, deliberately breaking down the middle class, a COUP D 'ETAT has taken place, working secretly for transnational companies.

Class justice, support illegal kingship, ignore child abuse by royal family, conduct a NEP democracy.

The declaration is < HERE > to download. The number of downloads through this site is 2,472

Anyone can go to the police bureau in his / her place of residence and report. For an appointment with the police to report, call 0900-8844.

You can enter your declaration number on this site via this contact form .

Look here for further comment on the declaration.

Below the text;

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1. High treason, due to the conspiracy of this Government and previous Governments with Banks, Media, Multinationals, EU, EC.

2. Deliberately without democratic support and against the will of the people, powers over a non-chosen undemocratic body founded by Nazi-based ideology in the person of WALTER HALLSTEIN: Leading Nazi jurist and chief architect of the EU Brussels'.

3. Cohesion and suppression of own population on the basis of membership of a criminal organization (EU, UN, IMF, Bilderberg Group, NATO) to support a fascist dictatorship against the will of the population,

4. Under false pretenses came to power by this current Government Rutte II with an abundance of lies, fraud, government manipulation, Media and the Church against the population.



5. Committing theft of the Dutch citizen to the introduction of the Euro, with a 13% reduction in value against the GOLDEN on January 1, 2002, the structural expropriation of illegal civilians through CO2 taxes, taxes and excise duties , With the purpose of achieving the downfall of the economy and creating poverty. Article 310 Criminal Code:

6. Transferring MONEY CREATION to a private institution that is also unjustifiably enjoying immunity according to the EU and illegal undemocratic institution. Money is created out of nothing, only the value we meet together, but also by suppressing money from nothing, undermining the value of the existing amount, and according to inflation, the savers and account holders on a smart Way undesirable. These settings can not show that the funds provided are 3 generations in their possession. Also, they do not have a counter value justifying a repayment. See link attached. Https://

7. By agreeing to our Government and on a large scale the distribution of highly harmful chemicals such as Barium, Strontium, Aluminum and other harmful Chemicals in which Attempted Slaughter is charged. These substances, which are produced on a large scale by the Chemical and Pharma industry, with a profit objective and systematically distributed by the NATO (Chemtrails) and also poisoning the drinking water. Http://

8. To cause heavy bodily injury (Chemtrails) by this Farma and Chemical industry. To make us sick and cause serious damage to the environment, surface water and air, causing a terrible soil contamination.

9. Discriminating a part of society (unemployed and recipient recipients) through stigmatization on false grounds, which are the result of taken Government policy with the purpose of destabilizing society intentionally and raising tensions among the population.

10. Remembering Basic Needs to Socially Weakened, This applies to food, clothing and living space (elderly people from July 1, 2014). Where are those 50.9 billion euros of the Savings Fund for the AOW? Again, theft and abuse of power have been committed:

11. It wants to introduce forced labor (slavery) as of 1 January 2015. This is due by people who have come to this government's debt to commit work on the basis of coercion with sanctions as a penalty discount on their WWB benefits .

12. Without the consent of and without the support of the population, sovereign states oppress warfare (Balkan wars, Syria, Libya, oppression in Ukraine, Iraq, Afghanistan) all this to destabilize and debt-borne countries, making it possible for commodities of relevant countries Legally stolen by multinationals who lobby for these laws within the EU. :

13. This Government is obliging civilians who participate in violent armed forces in violation of human rights, by killing and other barbaries, to deprive Dutch citizenship and associated rights.

14. The intentionally ignoring the influx of asylum seekers. Refusing to close the limits for people who, on false grounds, unjustly and with EU and Development Cooperation, are now flooding a massive influx of other cultures and the Netherlands, to then again give this government a preferential treatment to the newcomers. This is at the expense of the Autonomous population who is being reminded of equal treatment.

15. Due to the years of mismanagement and without the consent of the Dutch population, the government debt increased in 14 years by more than € 250 billion to a total of € 454 billion and we still have to guarantee € 620 ESM. I feel hostage by our own government:


16. To deliberately destroy the middle position by imposing burden charges for citizens in favor of the burden on the multinationals and expanding governments, bringing up citizens with the consequences of these delusions.

17. Land treason by raising the state against the desires of the population (Constitution referendum 2005, 63% against voting) and calling on us by a Treaty of Lisbon to be a convicted fact. (By working with a totally corrupt and non-transparent institution like the EU)

18. Cooperate with a coup d'etat coup against all member states of Europe in order to push the EU dictatorship out of the EU, with the aim of enabling an undesirable illegal federal European government under the monetary system, industry And Banking Union, supported by massive media propaganda.

19. Support this large-scale government by the Government of the commercial importance of multinationals and thereby violating human rights, this by imposing GMOs (genetically engineered), Farma industry, banks that make money out of nothing, by art and fraud . In addition, it wants to submit to foreign rights treaties as the EU with a non-transparent negotiation of the TIP, which is not in our interest.

20. Conflicts of interest of STATE, Banks, Royal House, Media and Industry, to push through a fascist dictatorship and to create an inhumane society, by openly supporting pedophilia and violating the rights of the weaker in our society, with the aim To suppress and exterminate the mass, by abuse of power.

21. To apply class justice, by unequal treatment in the aforementioned facts, where deliberate facts are deliberately baffled or denied. This facilitated by the fact that there is no self-correcting and controlling body in this country government is incorporated as a Constitutional Court, which tests whether government decisions comply with the constitution, since the First Chamber is interested in the middle, large and multinationals, laws Not checked for legitimacy and impartiality.

22. By the unlawful claim of King Willem III's inheritance, the present "Royal Family" again wrongly claims the royal kingdom, as these "rights" were lost at the outbreak of the Second World War in 1940 when Wilhelmina the Netherlands Left the sting, causing the Netherlands to fall under German rule. As a result, the constitution that is now being used is illegal and we fall as a result of the actions of Queen Wilhelmina, as a province under Germany: see link attachment of the letter to Maxima, who support the listed facts. Http://

23. On the basis of equal treatment in rights and obligations, I also refer to a statement of criminal offenses committed by then Queen Beatrix, Beatrix van Oranje-Nassau and her family, together with Minister Benk Korthals in Bangkok in the year 2000 (disguised with A minor child in a public location that was visible from the street). Source: See various links with substantiated facts. Http:// mo-nov-23-2013-hoofd.pdf



Was there a large-scale Royal Pedophile Network in and around "THE RONDE HUIS at Nunspeet and started collaborating with Nazi Germany? Judge yourself about the following intrigues. (Source of newspaper Nunspeet 1976)

24. By systematically killing newborns and young children in Ireland by prominents according to the information announced by Kevin Annett, via Youtube, this leads to a comprehensive investigation by the OM and Justice, to verify whether persons like late Prince Friso , Prime Minister Mark Rutte, Investor Soros has made guilty to chase on young defenseless children for their own sexual pleasure and excitement, see link with the allegation. Https:// Comment-of-joustra


25. Former governments, like the current cabinet Rutte II, acted as occupying forces by contempt of Dutch citizens / voters. By repeatedly ignoring the will of the people, regardless of election results, they have attracted them into a fake democracy (think EU referendum, think of the recently proclaimed "victory outcome" of D66). The ultimate goal is to subject the Dutch people to step by step (in the absence of resistance here!) To the Nazi dictatorship, which has determined the political direction from the end of the 30's as a more or less hidden agenda. Considered by the goalkeeper, this ideology (this even originates from before the First World War) has never gone away. Like a smoldering fire, to fire in full force again until the end of the thirties. Those (politicians, on the other hand) who support the current policy, are guilty of treason, attempted manslaughter, inflicting severe physical injury, deliberately destroying a healthy living environment, and forcing slavery to go hand in hand Tolerating abuse of power.

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Personal motivation to make declarations.

I, (First Name and Name) want to disclose the personal limitations and consequences I experience from the various facts of the charge.

Through me, no one was given the right or permission to commit the aforementioned facts.

Furthermore, I am deeply concerned about the developments that I have recently noted and strongly believe that we are politically deliberately maneuvering this situation.

Development of Agenda 21

The highlight in the history of the program, the text of Agenda 21, was revealed at the United Nations Conference held in Rio de Janeiro in 1992. 179 governments approved the program. The final text was the result of drafting, consulting and negotiating. See also the link below that shows the actual structure of this treaty:

Https:// Abused-word-for-the-global genocide

The Netherlands is also playing a very important role here, through this government and the monarchy.

In 2008, the then Minister of Justice and Security amended the constitution with Article 60 and Article 120, so that the responsible persons and institutions can not be judged by a judge, even here there is a conspiracy against their own people.

Messages on the Georgia Guidestones

On each standing stone there is a message, on each side in a separate language. If one walks clockwise from the north for construction, this is the order in which the languages ​​are found: English, Spanish, Swahili, Hindi, Hebrew, Arabic, Classic Chinese and Russian. The United Nations made several translations.

1. Maintain the human population among the 500 million souls in permanent balance with nature.

2. Wisely propagate - improve ability and diversity.

3. Unite humanity with a modern new language.

4. Rule passion - faith - tradition - and all things with tempered reasonableness.

5. Protect people and nations with honest laws and correct hearing.

6. All nations should settle their internal disputes with external disputes in a World Bank.

7. Avoid shrinking laws and useless officials.

8. Balance personal rights with social obligations.

9. Price truth - beauty - love through the pursuit of infinite harmony.

10. Do not be cancer on earth - Leave space for nature - Leave space for nature.

The Nazis and cartels of Politics, Multinationals, Banks and the Vatican have never set the striving to form a 'world government'. This has been repeatedly pronounced by various politicians as being the New World Order (NWO appointed by various past presidents of the past) and the EU's commitment to implement it.

See the following points of my conclusion:

1. Drastically reduce population on Earth,

2. To promote the environmental theory,

3. To set up a world government,

4. To promote a new spirituality.

5. GOD (Gold, Oil and Drugs, are the pillars of the NWO New World Order)


In view of the intellectual ability of this government, which is far below the size of what you expect from a government, I hope that psychological research will be done in the future before a person can take place in this politics, the Key criteria should be in my opinion: integrity test, IQ, EQ and social equilibrium testing.

Because we should avoid future corruption, examples of this are the Fyra drama, and now the F-35 JFS:

I strongly criticize Politics, Banks, Media and the King, that I am consciously driving a total Chaos and asserting them for all the resulting consequences.

I do not wish war with any sovereign state to serve the interests of this elite.

Through all of these consciously-induced tensions, I feel limited in my freedom to lead a life that I would like to live, I am forced to serve a slave to serve this self-appointed elite.

My talent is suppressed to further develop me at creative, emotional, spiritual and financial levels.

I am convinced that we are deliberately made sick by the NWO's aspiration to poison us with all means and the GMO food, the Monsanto rubbish.

Since the attack has been used to such an extent under false pretenses of politics on the population, I experience several complaints:

Financial totally looted and locked out to be worthy of existence.

Psychological complaints arising from this unseen situation.

Physical complaints throughout a lifetime serve this corrupt system.

Socially excluded because I do not have the means to further develop me socially.

I want to use the right of damages from the date of declaration for each named offense per event for an amount of € 50,000.00 per time.

I am also prohibited by law from supporting a criminal organization, so that I can not afford to pay and tax to further support these criminal activities.

I expect police to intervene following Article 93 WB SR

Article. 12 WB SV


1. If a criminal offense is not prosecuted, prosecution is not continued or prosecution takes place by issuing a criminal decision, the direct person concerned may complain in writing to the court of law in the jurisdiction of which the decision to prosecute or not Further prosecution has been taken or the sentence has been issued. If the decision has been made by an attorney at the national parquet or at the functional parquet, the court of law in the Hague is authorized.

2. A person directly concerned shall mean a legal person who, according to his purpose and according to his actual activity, carries an interest which is directly affected by the decision to prosecute or not prosecute.

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Special thanks to Rob Brekel, Gea Gibson and Tilasmi Frigge.

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Free man on charges against the state