On August 18, 2017, the verdict should follow Joris Demmink of the court in Arnhem. When Demmink is found guilty, because of the accusation and charge of sexual abuse of 2 minor Turkish boys, the Dutch Government's card house collapses immediately.

Joris Demmink was Secretary General of the Dutch Ministry of Justice from 1 November 2002 until 1 November 2012.

The new government unit is ready for the royal house. They will then leave (or in advance) to Argentina, because they will no longer be safe for the angry Dutch people in the Netherlands.

Imagine Joris Demmink being really convicted! That a former justice opponent is suspected of sexual abuse of underage children!

When the government is dismantled in the Netherlands, England and all other countries where a royal house is located follows.

This turnaround will affect the rest of the world.

Ultimately RIGHTS for every human being!

Long live our FREEDOM as a human being!