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John Baselmans has already written many sensible books as a whistleblower and exposes many lies of the Satanic Royal House of the Netherlands! When you have read his books you are awake and know who has the real power behind the scenes and what corrupt practices take place on Mother Earth,

Comment from John Baselmans on 19-02-2017 written on Facebook:

The Netherlands and their colonies are censoring a great deal. Why do you think I have my 63 books on the internet for free? In the first 2 years my books were sold as sweets rolls. I could not handle all the pre-orders. Then came the boycott and one bookshop refused my books. For example, also The beauty is my publisher and Amazon are doing well and also selling very well because I do not earn any reddings and nothing else on the books.
Money has never been a means and so I came to the free download. And that means that various books (including the matrix, mafia books) have already been downloaded and read millions of times.
That is the power of the internet.


It happened yesterday evening in meditation, in contact with an old master I was told that you; destroy everything that is disturbing in the progress of your life!

Now, the last times there are many things that disturb me and certainly do not do good to the progress of my life. When I was in contact with other people, I became ill regularly, and it turned out that there were people around me who turned friend to foe. I also lost a lot of my time purely to show people things and to keep the valid proofs in front of them. I have written a lot in recent years, given lectures and released videos to open their eyes.

The contact with this old master made clear to me what my real path is and how I can achieve all that I have in mind. It became clear that I have to do it as I see it in my energy and not as society wants and expects it. Clearly, it was the long road that I was beaten in just as the system wanted it!

And so it came that yesterday evening I put all what (A) Social media is put on hold, groups have been divested and the personal pages are only there for information and no longer for discussions. Similarly, the Watamula blog has appeared on the last page today and the blog will remain for information, but it will no longer be updated.

I withdraw from this life and follow the life that has long been my intention but was stopped by many earthly things.

Only now do I understand the "no" of my father that I should not retreat, only now do I understand that I always did with a no, yes, only on this one question did I follow him! So his no was a yes and yes, I should have long ago drawn back from these earthly freaks and concentrate on the big picture.

- I have the gift to draw and I can capture, experience and knead every feeling of every person and everything in nature.
- I can write and until today 67 books have been released and are being read by millions of people and downloaded for free!

Only now is my 840-page book "The matrix of the system" penetrating. Only now do I see the usefulness of the books of Energieniale life, where they stand in life and what they say! Despite that, I let myself be carried away by a sick system. A lot of time was put into a road that was dead but it is now closed for good.

The new world has opened and the old world will pass me by. I retire to the new world that can bring about changes. I will hardly be available for this world, my new life has started.

I can follow on my websites where message boards are opened and my documents are published and my writing and drawing work is released.

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