Misconduct or survive?

Take a male dog (male) and a male horse (stallion) under the microscope. Which still cover virtually all female dogs (bitches) and female horses (mares) they (when they are in heat or hengstig) encounter on their toad? The beauty of it is that if a mare is not hengstig, on the stallion can expect a bang on the head with the sometimes death. It will not be the first that has been slain stallion are thereby.

It is also true when the dog or stallion to "inconvenient" these are neatly castrated by the vet, but is horny or (about) sex-hungry men do not. And that perhaps is the great central problem!

The majority of the population is still not receptive to the castration of these men, but it would be a very good solution in our society to reduce rapes and counter!

Written by ANONYMOUS