Someone wrote the following on December 11, 2018 on Facebook:

(Where did I earn it again ....)

My wallpaper-decorated shoebox is already full of prizes, medals and praise.

The judiciary also has a beautiful file concerning my achievements, often arising from anger and frustration, because of the state of affairs, in this country hijacked by an NSB family ...

For those who do not understand what I'm talking about, you can read for a moment
"her majesty secret 1/2 and 3"

Click here ► http://www.volkwordtwakker.nl/nl/koningshuis/deel-1-2-en-3-her-majestys-secret-service/

Or .. you look "the round house Nunspeet" on Utube ...

Click here ► http://www.volkwordtwakker.nl/nl/waarheden-of-leugens-openbaringen/het-ronde-huis-in-unspeet/

Or .. ask yourself concerning the family in question,
"What have you done for me latly?"

The Hitler salute of Amalia, to be found on Utube, says enough about the contents, which must have been found on her golden spoon ....

Also the late, a narcissistic bearded member of this family, with a somewhat German accent ... crimes against humanity, was his profession, the brain behind Gladio, and spiritual father of De Bilderberg club, the club for the NEW WORLD ORDER agenda 21 helps.

You know, what is written on the GUIDE STONES GEORGIA ...
The world population must be reduced to 500 Million people.

I say people, because we, the "worker bees", have been reduced to "persons" by means of their act from the year 1666 and people are not people, people are names in CAPITAL LETTERS, see your blue tax assessment.
All this through the biggest fraud on earth, the birth deed fraud.

This family, now controlled by Madre Bea, Black Nobility, a Templar, and a member of the Order of Malta, the highest achievable in these circles, also a large shareholder of Shell, among others, and consequently the biggest tax evader of the planet, which means I...! from the galaxy ...
Once the largest supplier of cocaine ... together with the English royal family, our ever-beautiful planet reigns.

Through voodoo dolls she plays and manipulates everything and everyone, and sows death and destruction, one doll spans the crown, a narcissistic ventriloquist with a retarded TBS's smile ..
Which visibly enjoys the suffering he causes ...
That bitch is called Mark.

Anyway, old and worn out, tired and tired, frustrated by the fact that my life from cradle to grave is also corrupted by this family, and all their Freemason henchmen in all top positions worldwide, yes, you read that correctly, for example all the top Nazis of the 2nd World War were flown to Argentina with the help of the Royal KLM, and then placed on top positions at the Nato / Nato ...

And so I am now somewhat confused, and must therefore be careful not to be arrested.

Well .... I'm just going to put COFFEE, the body has to be started ...

Awaiting the answer,

Ennuh, do not like too much credits, I only do what others do, possibly with a slightly poisonous pen, but that is to compensate for a tongue which I take away bit by bit.

Nix an hand