The following information was written by a Freemason at Bonaire: Michiel Bijkerk


The highest degrees of Freemasons (Free Masons) deal with Satanic rituals, so raping and killing babies and children!



At the end of the 19th century there was a Loge of the Freemasonry in Bonaire. His existence was short, 7 years from 1877 to 1884. Freemasonry is a global organization of (mainly) men who work together on their own education and also on building a better society.

This work is done all over the world in local associations called a "loge". At Bonaire, so, was such a loge at the end of the 19th century, tw Loge Harmonie. Recently, work has started to see if it is possible to create Loge Harmonie II (or other name) on Bonaire.

The Freemasonry has its own method of discovering the members of the relationship with God, his fellow human beings and nature. A freemason is looking for what people unite and take away what people divide. In this way, it can gradually form a universal brotherhood that connects everyone. Each freemason has his own responsibility towards the world he sees as a building to be completed, of which every human being is a living building block.

The freemason does this work in the light of a high principle called the "Supreme Master of the Universe". The freemason acknowledges the high value of every person, the equivalence of all people, everyone's right to seek truth for themselves and to make everyone's responsibility for his own doing and leaving.

The freemason is tolerant and strives for harmony. This setting allows the loge to become a place where men of all grades, positions, professions, races, languages, religions or philosophies can compare (compare) insights to deepen their own spiritual education. This joint "work" (this quest) leads to union among freemasons, resulting in brotherhood.

In Curaçao there are 4 lodgings. One works in English, 2 in Dutch and one in the Papiaments. It is currently being investigated whether it is possible to establish a log on Bonaire. People who are freelance or other interested parties can contact Michiel Bijkerk on number 796 2650. This invitation also applies to Spanish speakers living in Bonaire. If you call, we will make an appointment to explain.

Or send an email to: [email protected]

NB. The picture gives an image of ancient Bonaire. Loge Harmonie was probably situated in the Kaya Grandi. But the Protestant church does not have a connection here.

Boneiru, July 20, 2017

Source: Michiel Bijkerk