Bart van Well was born on May 22, 1973 in Sittard. Van Well plays the leading role in the complex lawsuit against the State of the Netherlands because of the fatalities of sexual abuse of minors in the Netherlands in the 80's and 90's. Bart van Well says for many years being pregnant and sexually abused by several adults Men in various high-performing functions. Also, child porn movies would be made of him at that time.

Bart van Well can be heard in the following video (see link) as a witness and flew with Adele van der Plas to America. Click here ► and for the conversations that have been conducted there by different persons (including Andele van der Plas), here ►

Bart still struggles with post-traumatic stress and mood swings. He is responsible for the state, which, according to him, had to be harder to face childhood prostitution. That is why he has tried a lawsuit. "We want to prove that the government was aware of the youth prostitution at the time, but it was committed," explains Martin de Witte, Van Wells lawyer.

Earlier witnesses

Monday, two witnesses came to the floor. At a young age, Koos van Woudenberg was abused in an apartment in Amsterdam. It should be the home of Professor Ger van Roon. In his house he met, among other things, old mayor Ed van Thijn, Prince Claus and former Minister Onno Ruding.

Former employee of then GG & GD Raphael Beth (70), the second witness, at the time held a list of young boys working in prostitution in Amsterdam. He said Monday that "all pedoprostitution" was tolerated at that time, there was no repressive policy.

In the 1980s, Amsterdam appeared to be a place for pedophiles. There were boy plates and cafes where minor boys were picked up. There were even organized pedore trips to Amsterdam. Strikingly enough, Beth said Monday, not known by Van Woudenberg as a 'spider in the web', Ger van Roon.

Provisional witness hearings

The preliminary witness hearings may give more clarity about a leaked police investigation in the 1990s. The so-called Rolodex investigation was started secretly after informants told court officials and prosecutors to have been a customer. De Jong said nothing about it: "This was done under an embargo (secretly). I do not know anything about that. "

A preliminary witness hearing is intended to prepare for a lawsuit. Van Well can determine his legal position in a possible procedure against the state. There will be no sentence. Wednesday morning at 9.30 there were two new witnesses on the program: Jetty Bruggenwirth and police Chris de Graauw.