I know you do not know me. I know you're not interested in me, and if you do, then it is often not positive. For feminists, I am an angry male hegemonic patriarchal oppressor. I am a patriotic felon for your weed-smoking 'long-haired hippies. I am the angry white man for your radical activists. I am the idiot who entered the army because I was "not smart enough" just like you "I-know-everything-better-20-year-underprivileged students" take some master's degree in modern art. And you hate these reasons me. I am one of the many scary men who for a salary scharrig carries a weapon to ensure that you can complain with your fellow leftist parasites freely and gripe about those who watch over your freedom. Therefore this note to you.

When I watch the news I see you everywhere demonstrate and take action at times when normal people have to work. I see long-haired men and women with sad signs with rainbows and tomatoes cry out in fields, big guys with black hoods which windows smashing hardworking shopkeepers, the same guys who threaten innocent families because they are otherwise minded. I see how you destroy other people's property if something is not to your liking. But why are you doing this? you have these tantrums because your mom 20 years ago dropped off at the nursery, so you have not had a decent education? Now you are furious because the outcome of the US elections where it won another angry man. A man elected by the people, a man who lives up to his promises. That is why you are afraid; afraid of that majority that was your species.

For years, you will be able to hide behind the shield of overfed progressive 'political' officials who took you in protection, while hardworking Netherlands for the slightest was fined. For years, you can use violence against the police during your many protests because you knew the police could make nothing that the police top, mayors and municipal authorities from the same litter as you come. But times change. There will come a time when you can no protection look behind your guard official. Your true cowardice comes up if the police will do whatever demands the big bad majority of them. Because remember one thing, if the law of the jungle prevails, you are gone.

There will be change and we will let you say the police you sat, soldiers are tired you, the people you are tired of the simple fact that you add no ass to society. Indeed, you are a danger to society! You see yourself as intellectual pedants who feel superior to the common people and try to push their progressive worldview of the majority by the throat. But to find that majority of you do not support, and this is probably the reason why you seek the support of Islam and only too happy to get refugees. But believe me, the harsh Islamic world is disgusted with you kind people because you are a coward, but you abused naive careless attitude to spread their religion. do not think you "master of modern art" will be a worthy addition to the Islamic world, they also do not want you.

You have your whole life can benefit from the wealth that you have to thank hard-working people. You are allowed to do the silliest studies at their own expense where the company actually has nothing to. Probably you have never had a decent job, because the stupid people will pay your benefits and allowances. But it is not good. You know, for some reason you also hate us and whether it's relevant or not, you have no right. I once an oath along with my brothers and sisters in uniform to protect my country against all enemies, from home or abroad, which threaten our society. I will always protect your freedom of speech and rights, your right to demonstrate, I would not deprive you, even though I do not agree. But, if you think you have the right to dissenting fellow countrymen with violence and threats to suppress this makes you an enemy of our society that I and my brothers protect and serve. Keep it up and you will experience what it is to get people to you who make their living with protecting the state.

A peaceful and righteous patriot.

source. http://valkyries.nl/ingezonden-open-soldatenbrief-aan-links-nederland/