Montague Keen, February 5, 2017

The battle rages over the souls of humanity around you. Human sheep that are easy to train, full of anger and protest that is exactly the energy that you need oppressors in their struggle to maintain their waning power. By providing them with this energy, you contribute to the destruction of everything you need to survive on Earth. You have become robots that further examination obey their masters, without the facts. You are controlled by the media owned and controlled by your oppressors. You have become puppets simply follow every command. You pay no attention to doing your own research, go to find the truth and to examine why you are encouraged to have to take action. It is sad to see how jaded you cooperate with your enemies. Many will suffer because of what you do.

You are at a crossroads. At present it can go both sides, and because so much against you has been in contention to be the question on every transaction; I bring to my fellow human damage. Ask yourself seriously, why I decide to do this? I just follow the herd without thinking, as part of the mass which leaves carry themselves like sheep to the slaughterhouse, everyone drags with it?

Everything you read, see and hear is owned and controlled by your oppressors. The truth must be searched, researched, and should be considered. The man is about to be exterminated. Why move the cabal is to New Zealand? They will also include Antarctica, as they are planning to move there when the Earth is destroyed. It is your responsibility to protect the Earth and humanity.

Please connect your back with your spiritual side. You alone can do this. You do not need a religion that prevents you to connect with the Source of all that is. You should you connect with yourself and start a connection to Source. Religions are designed to break your connection to the Source, Nature and the ancient knowledge that mankind has successfully held in position until religions were devised to take control and keep you away from that source. You do not need someone else to intercede for you, because you all have a direct connection to the Source.

Religions steel your souls through baptism. You have surrendered your or your parents have delivered your soul in your name. Baptism is the first religious crime against you. It is their business to harvest souls. Take sovereignty back. It is your divine right. No religion has the right to usurp you, just because you get into a certain family in the world. You enter the world with free will to be what you want. This is why religions monitor education. It has become your indoctrination and that starts at a young age. As the Jesuits say; Give me the five-year child and I'll give you the man. In Rome you have a Jesuit pope that follows an agenda that would shock and detest most of you.

The light of truth is spreading and exposes the corrupt. That's not a pretty sight. The malignancy is seen in their eyes and actions. You flinch when you hear the flow of malicious words out of their mouths. They can put their diabolical plans no longer hide. They still think money will bring them everything they want. However, they begin to experience that awoke are not for sale, awoke who stand for truth and justice and who are able to see them as evil parasites that they are. Never before have they had to deal with opposition, so they insist that the masses give them the necessary support. Rent a Crowd is always ready and willing to obey. Pray for them that they may be able to see that they are used to prevent mankind moving forward towards a peaceful and just world for all.

The ancient knowledge that has sustained life on Earth before religion reared its ugly head, is still available and will bring you back in connection with the source of life and all that is. The science was used to distract you and put you on the path of control. Good knowledge is still available and will answer your questions. The scientists who hold to the idea of ​​global warming act on the agenda of control which ensures that the mass remains in misery and suffering. Remember that anything can be used for good as well as evil. The mass destruction of humanity through vaccination is openly discussed by Bill Gates and Henry Kissinger. Why parents let their most precious possession, their babies, still vaccinate? Ask yourself the question: WHY? What kind of brainwashing it takes a mother to bring her child into health hazard through vaccinations?

Think before you do anything. Ask yourself: will I do harm to my fellow man? Ask yourself in the work that you are doing this do harm to others? You contribute to the cabal and you serve them? If all the armies would refuse to kill any longer to destroy life on earth, the cabal would be powerless at once. So ask yourself the question: who has the ability to stop the takeover and destruction of life on Earth? Look at the men parading around in uniform with their medals and stripes, very proud of himself. Look at them with pity. Makes sense that you have mercy on them, as this may cause them to understand that they are wrong. Speak your shame out so that they see themselves as exterminators of humanity. Refuse them to shake hands, as my dear wife does. She tells them how she looks at them as assassins who are willing to murder in exchange for money. The cabal praises and honors them and esteem them highly regarded. Because would have no power, the cabal without them. Serving in the army is not an honorable profession.

Join together as an army of human beings. Forget the labels that you have stuck by the cabal. You all sit together in this dilemma. 99% against the 1% evil rulers. They want your Earth for themselves. This is the reason why they divide you into religious and racial groups to ensure that you use your full power of the 99% that should have. Take your own hands power and strength back and let your light shine on all that is dark and evil. Expose it for what it is. Let truth and justice guide you in fulfilling your mission on Earth.

My love life is such a struggle for you. You want to succeed is what keeps you going.

Forever, your adoring,


Website: The Montague Keen Foundation
Translation: Rob / Marja