Neset Temirci brings a lot of business to the light of the corrupt government and the satanic royal house and fights for our freedom. Temirci has the privilege of being very high. Whoever will get to know the true history will be amazed at the truths and the many lies that have been committed to us. Temirci has a very good view of world events, this is due to his origin, Temirci is born in Turkey in Kirchhühir and is a Kurdish. The elite and the royal house fear Temirci, for what reason? Who is he?

If you have time to really immerse yourself in Temirci, you can listen to the interview below! It's a fairly long interview, so it's advisable to listen to it and listen to the interview a few times. Then think carefully what Temirci has really said and who he is.


Click for the almost 3 hours of revelational interview by Neset Temirci.