February 16, 2017 (written by Micha Kat)

The Lie of the Week, Episode 3

Mark Rutte has found a wife. This impression is equally aroused LINDA Magazine tomorrow in stores. According to The Associated Press on February 14 in an article under the headline Mark Rutte intimate with Marieke.

We see some pictures where it Marieke in an erotic pose hangs around the neck of our prime minister. The Cupid's arrows would have hit target during an interview that Marieke also a more or less well-known TV personality, dropped by the Minister for the magazine LINDA. The interview is a kind of journalistic coitus "in which the two fantasize about having children and establishing a relationship. In addition to De Telegraaf devotes De Stentor attention to this unique interview in the Dutch press history and the AD , though the latter newspaper meanwhile removed the webpage. The save for this is perhaps found in the text of the URL: rutte-will-do-hurry up-with-the-little-mark-of-us. Perhaps shot the 'ironic touch that this text speaks the authorities the wrong way. Finally, of course, pay attention to the interview on the site of LINDA itself , as it is then that the accompanying video was made inaccessible. Why not bring more MSM media this unique interview? What is going on here? How we all need this "indicate" -a word that MSM use so eager to sell their products (we suggest to you the news ").

First, we should note that the downright insane, alarming and repulsive is that the Prime Minister of our country lends itself to an erotic photo shoot with a journalist from a dubious magazine. That has never happened before in our history. Rutte Why do that? Even Ruud Lubbers such thing -which sewed the journalist was just doing on the hood of his car as befits a real man, or if necessary at his home in the attic in Kralingen. On Geenstijl that alarming enough even though no item devoted to this insane situations, we read quite a few comments about the devastating situation under another piece of Rutte:

Sidekick Marieke Elsinga must be careful; Mark usually kicks down. I hope for her that she likes pissed in the mouth, robbed and lied to

On the pictures of Mark Marieke Elsinga see that Mark even taken by a woman up from behind. Can anyone make a nice photo-fuck with a strap on?

Rutte said in the same weather LINDA he's not gay. If you're lying you must be careful with that kind of remarks.

We can not escape the conclusion that we are dealing with yet another attempt by Mark Rutte his mask homosexuality. But why? What Rutte prevented homosexuality is certain to come out -his? Have the spin doctors decided that his preference for men should never be admitted because if the door can be opened to link with pedophilia? He like Camiel Eurlings always be associated with beautiful young women to make the people believe that he is a "healthy heterosexual? The parallel with Eurlings is shocking for three other reasons: 1. Eurlings there are strong indications of pedophilia. 2. 'affaires of Eurlings with the young women "organized" by the spin doctors as revealed in the "Brazilian affair where his party colleague Jack de Vries arranged a photo shoot with the model Wendy Dubbeld on the beaches of Copacabana. 3. Eurlings Rutte and his good friends. The LINDA affair Rutte seems completely gespindoctord -a proof for the LINDA photo shoot is taking Marieke is about to undress our prime minister. I f there would be a genuine, authentic situation between Mark and Mary was this photoshoot never been there!

So we have to deal with a set-up of unprecedented proportions, a monstrous piece of fake news. So much so that the entire 'operation' as over the top should be described which is also obvious is evident from the cited posts on Geenstijl -and the fact that the 'big' MSM as NOS and De Volkskrant have ignored the story. Whereas, moreover, all happening right before the elections, which are crucial for Rutte and his party which should see a huge gap with the PVV to walk in makes the image does not nicer on. What also plays the role of the family De Mol in the whole story, the owner of LINDA and almost owner of De Telegraaf that story that Rutte "found his wife" brought prominently. It would really beyond any comprehension as the failed prime minister of our country has to resort to such horror practices to sell itself to be raped, cheated and plundered people. What all this as it may, we see again the people and parties actually operate fake news: the power elite and the establishment.

By: Micha Kat, Revolutionary Online