February 4, 2017 (written by Micha Kat)

Lie of the Week 1

The first lie of the week is that the Russians have tried to hack Dutch ministries. This fake-news today brought prominently by De Volkskrant, click to conscious newspaper.

If we analyze the piece, almost immediately becomes clear that we are dealing with fake news.

1. In fact, the whole piece is absolutely NOTHING say except that the Russians tried something "which would have" failed ". Ergo: no news. I can 'try' to hack into the email account of Joris Demmink and conclude after five minutes: sorry, it does not work! That this will be prominent, can be explained by the contract to the MSM to create a war atmosphere against Russia.

2. The assertion is no evidence provided. Even a spokesman for one of the ministries that "victim" would have become the 'hacking attempts' means nothing.

3. The 'hack attempts "were carried out by two Russian groups are known under the names Cozy Bear and Bear Fancy. These are the same groups that have carried out the 'hack' in DNC in the US however this is been established that this is a hoax. That emails include John Podesta became public, the DNC is entirely self-inflicted because Podesta responded to a phishing email that can send a child of three. In this phishing email he was asked to reset their password. De Volkskrant deceives the reader by sending phishing emails to equate hacking. Moreover, there is no evidence that came on phishing emails from Russia. As said anyone can send phishing emails.

4. According to the AIVD, Russia would be looking for "pieces from the Council of Ministers 'and' secret government documents. This gives the absolute world strangeness to the Hague idiots. Thinking which really think Putin has time for the operetta around Teeven deal and the failed reorganization of the Tax?

5. As in the US with the hacking hoax can not even be made public example of a phishing email that "would have vestuurd the Russians." Also on the "proof" that the Russians are behind -'malware "who" would meet the characteristics of bepaande Russian hack groups' we may find nothing. we talk about what 'features'? This should be silent because any kind of concrete information would expose the hoax immediately.

6. "supported sources 'staged all' dr. Clavans' who know nothing and merely generalities can debit the situation. Incidentally, these "pundits" are in the lead of the piece or presented as the only "source": According to research from the Times and interviews with various experts.

These "experts" are:
-Martijn Lom, Director in the digital security company Kaspersky Lab
-Ronald Prince, director of the Dutch Fox-IT
-Pim Takkenberg, director of cybersecurity in digital security Northwave

We are dealing with obviously fake news. The manner in which this 'news' is faked is a clumsy and laughable shocking level. The motives for the faking of this news have been for almost everyone (reflecting) clear: the demonization of Russia and inciting the military sphere. In that sense, this fake news of the same kind as all the fake news on MH17.

By: Micha Kat, Revolutionary Online