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Author: Micha Kat (journalist)

Open letter to Philippe Remarque, editor of De Volkskrant

Dear Mr. Remarque, dear Philippe,

Soon we are in the courtroom clash. I must admit that I find it creepy that you guys let it come so far; the publication of Marcel Hulspas which he calls me a "paranoid crazy" and "king of the madhouse" is evident unlawful. There is no any argument, reason or justification can you argue with success in defense. Why not just rectify and compensate me for the damage caused? Why incur more damage in a painful lawsuit in which you will be exposed as liars, bringers of fake news and protectors of pedophiles? As I have shown in several films cast your newspaper itself as the great protector of Joris Demmink from 2007 in flagrant breach of all the facts. Why? Why is pizza gate in your newspaper with so much fanaticism dismissed as fake news without which there is some research on the basis through which you go now huge on the guy because every day more evidence comes to pizza gate fucking real, and even arrests were coming be like this site reported recently. Why? The following statements are emerging which also can be combined for discussion:

-You Are so arrogant that you are psychologically unable to go through the knees. You still think that you are a leading outlet for news, that you have a 'monopoly to quality' and co-determine the national agenda. This arrogance is naturally mixed with the fear that you always continue to be marginalized by the internet as happened more daily. This creates an attitude of aggression against everything that has to do with new media, say the same attitude that spreads the American establishment on display at Donald Trump. This attitude is indeed embraced by your newspaper enthusiastic -and no facts or research.

-You Are confident that the court is so corrupt, that will let you win so wie so, regardless of the facts and circumstances of the case. You know that Micha Kat in all his affairs so who is so no chance that judges need not hold any law or rule in its affairs and that "the system" this "problem" will solve it for you. I recently wrote about a column on this site. In addition, there are numerous relationships and relationships between (people of) your newspaper and members of the Amsterdam court which handed treatment of the KG is already possible in advance.

Some weeks ago I focused already on Youtube to Philippe Remarque whose newspaper not only represents the interests of pedophiles, but also of the vaccination mafia.

-The Qualifications article Hulspas are introduced deliberately to create an environment -and to let the judge sanctioneren- where no law or rule applies more to the "state media in demonizing 'dissidents' in order create a climate in which this 'conspiracy theorists' can be 'cleared'. Your newspaper is doing exactly the same as the Nazi press in Germany opmaar to the persecution of Jews: to create a 'support' among the population to pogroms and massacres through lies and propaganda.

Against the background of all this is of course why I even bother to carry it take the case. Here plays a combination of denial -at knowingly accept the check that the system is corrupt through and the conviction to fight for my rehabilitation to the bitter end and journalistic impulse to let the people see how the Dutch law anno 2017 deals with cases in which a 'dissident' stands in front of the establishment. See you in court!

Source: http://niburu.co/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=11575:for-your-truth-freedom-and-happiness-190&catid=9:binnenland&Itemid=22