All rover public authorities ALWAYS send mail to your business forced acting NATURAL PERSON. That is civil and contract so! Since none of our social contract is actually signed, there is no commitment.

The only statement that I do is with the police for structural harassment / stalking by an (anonymous) employee of the #belastingdienst at my place!

ART 13 of the Constitution, the letter secret! That said, if you receive advertising, so you have to spend you do not pay attention to a letter from an authorized entity by you (robber of) which there is no contractual agreement with you (social contract)! The Rover Heid must submit the contract to that legal obligation on the table! If they do not they have the civil right to make their case loud and they can not!

Nobody should your business to truly act in freedom of action which forced that unlawful conduct and that it therefore unlawful act punishable under criminal law!

Your right choice is therefore simple, in your defense of your rights:

1. You will not object! If you do that you choose for administrative law (justice).
2. You wait for someone to sign for you. That plaintiff the social contract must refute civil to substantiate claim.
3. You give that person what your right and warns that person not to violate.
4. Otherwise, do your tax return in Criminal Justice.

Now that you have laid the choice for your stalker / stalker. HE demanding HE proving!

Does he claim he lawfully OR choose change his attempted unlawful act of unlawful action.