How the Cabal skilfully uses the psyche of man

Within the matrix, the Cabal has created an image of a none-of-the-hand-society. Everything is neatly arranged and recorded in decent legislation. For the people is bread and games and we are kept fresh through the media entertainment and distractions that invade our homes via television glossy images. We are so brainwashed that what most security threats exist, by Muslim terrorists verwegistan countries for example. That evil comes from within, from our so-called leaders, the political summit, government organizations, which the tentacles of evil have invaded deeply, which is glossed over.

We would also prefer not to see all the evil and looking preferably for things that confirm the feel-good feeling. Then, when people hear of the heinous crimes that commits the Cabal behind the scenes, there is often a reaction of disbelief or a tendency to turn away from. We can not look at, rather stop our heads in the sand and deeds often remain unspoken. Thus disappears from view and create the illusion that it no longer exists.

Why we can not look at the dark

Take the child, a subject that I have written regularly about lately. A topic that I also really goes to the heart. Thereof would still every benevolent man that comes to an end? To end, we have this 'monster' will first look straight in the eye, before we can defeat it. We need to recognize collective that child abuse is closely intertwined with the government organizations that supposedly take care of the safety of the child. We need to understand that this phenomenon has assumed epidemic proportions especially in the top of society. Why can we do this but difficult to face?

Who confronts, going down

We all know the phenomenon of the sheep in the sheep threatened by a wolf and the herd crawling in agony towards each other. The sheep are all looking away from the wolf, because of fears that the sheep who looks up is screwed. And like sheep are herd animals and humans show 'sheep behavior. With the subject of child abuse for example, most people prefer to look away. The handful of journalists and whistleblowers though goes to the heart of the matter, it is often the one who in the proverbial sense "the head comes off." These are indeed the people who have endured a counterattack, which others of keeps to address these issues.

It evokes feelings of powerlessness

Fair is fair, these stories do not you read for fun. Suppose that we are strong enough to see it face, then the question is: "What we do with it?" Because if we are not careful we are drawn into a downward spiral of negative emotions. Sadness, anger, helplessness and sadness are then lurking.

Child abuse is in my view the core of evil

For many people, this is also precisely the reason to avoid these kinds of issues. "I'd rather stab my head in the sand" or "What do not know will not hurt 'and' I'd rather enjoy life," are frequently heard comments to avoid having to confront. It creates a cocoon in which these dark things supposedly do not exist. And Cabal are indispensable by this constantly confirm via the mass media. And if there are crimes, there are neat bodies over compassion there. That these bodies do not compete for the most vulnerable in society, we would rather not see.

Injustice face serves as a mirror

Stories of child abuse also remember other situations where we were either victims or perpetrators of unjust behavior. We can often be very difficult to see the dark side of ourselves. Stories of injustice that have undergone other works as it were a mirror in which we see the weaker side in ourselves.

It also reminds us of when we were a victim of abuse by an authority in any context whatsoever. This can also be an authority such as a teacher, an executive or a public authority, on which we depend and which we are treated terribly unfair. Bad memories are rather hidden away and often they frantically looking for something that unpleasant feeling can push away again.
The truth threatens our happiness

They would rather spend time on securing 'happiness moments. " Or would exclusively "focus on the positive." Apparently one can only create this happiness by denying the darkness and deep stop away. But is that the ultimate goal of your life? Securing your happiness moments? Or do you want your bets to the planet a little bit better to leave, then you've found it? But how do you do that, that world improve a little bit? Especially when it comes to topics, which you as an individual can exercise seemingly little impact.

Fear that one is not strong enough

It also requires inner strength to face this issue face or discussion. Child abuse is in my view the core of evil. There is nothing more horrible than to violate the innocence of children and their life energy and -vreugde eliminate. The testimonies of victims hit you in the depths of your soul. The stories are so moving that you can easily become overwhelmed by negative emotions.

Yet it is important not to get carried away in this subject by those emotions. Certainly not if you are determined to bring about change. Compare it with the oxygen mask that comes down the plane drops as the air pressure. Help yourself first and only then your child because if you fails, you have no more to help.

Source: Ella Star