Evert Jan Beverwijk, in his lecture on how to stop the chaos in the world. Our world that plays with time and space. The balance is currently disturbs seriously by negative energies. Only if we (are aware) by our behavior positive energies can radiate there is still a chance that this madness can be stopped. But we as humanity (% +) though like. Currently, the AI ​​(artificial intelligence) the strings with which to come to a World Government (NWO). Morgellons are deployed. Do not wait for it to be okay. Those who understand "the game in the play of life" is given an opportunity to transcend the chaos.

We hope fervently that man is awake before it is too late. For we human beings and the earth are unique in "what is". The downfall of this world now is very very fast. Look on the internet what is currently in bizarre situations. In any field. - our journey into the soul and time - dualities - our journey in the spirit - platform for information about 0.energie

Zero point energy as I can be described as life energy described.
And there are many more uses descriptions.
"Christ energy" which Evertjan speaks is the same form of energy. But universal energy source sounds pleasant.

Timeless. Beyond space and time. In the spirit. However, since "the church" is also used these terms, there has been an aversion to these terms. The anti-Christ.