OPEN LETTER TO MARK RUTTE (December 12, 2016)

Open Letter to: Prime Minister Mark Rutte

Written by: Peter Stuivenberg

Date: December 12, 2016

Published on this website: February 11 January 2017

Peter Stuivenberg is known from the book "The Boogeyman" but certainly by his clear view of the world as we know it today. He does not mince words and says exactly what he would say. This time Peter sent us an open letter he sent to Prime Minister Rutte about the refugee issue.

Dear Mr. Rutte,

There is in the Netherlands and Western Europe, a struggle between 'good people' and 'nationalists'. The "good people" supported by the Government to integrate economic migrants with a totally different culture and religion.

Seagulls at seagulls

The 'nationalists' are disagree. They believe that Western Europe is already super-multicultural composition. It is not necessary to be on top Afrikaniseren or to Islamize. In addition, the mixing of different peoples does not work. Arise riots, unrest and parallel societies. Also, the safety of the man in the street in jeopardy. My friend RVGZ brings it in these words: "Gulls always want to sit by seagulls and cormorants with cormorants. Here he does not deny that cooperation in the ooijpolder cormorants and egrets to catch fish. He says that Turkish, Moroccan or Chinese people with their own language, religion and culture rather sit together. Cozy in their own bar or restaurant. They are better than the businessmen in grand café The White House in Rotterdam.

Call for country

The 'together' are leading to the creation of the state of Israel. And Yugoslavia split up after the many wars in Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Kosovo, Montenegro and Macedonia. The Soviet Union falls apart after February 1990 in 15 new countries, including Russia. History proves that multicultural fraternity does not work. The land occupied by Romans, Ottomans and Britons fought for self-determination. Like the French colonies in Africa. Or Dutch East Indies. Even Suriname, Aruba and Curacao have split from the Netherlands. And more recently Britain has overregulated European Union said goodbye.

Everywhere in the world borders closed

Countries that want to keep close the border for those who do not belong there of their own nationality. They set the rules up. Australia uses a point system for newcomers. In the United States you will be admitted if you make a contribution to society. In South Africa, where I partly live, you invest in a company with five employees including 3 black or colored South Africans. South Africa also informed to be proud of his republic. Products and services are put under the logo 'Proudly South-Africa' on the market.

European Union borders open

However, the supranational European Union, holding open the door. They want to mix the economic migrants to the existing population. Understand Mr Rutte, which will never work such autocratic EU politics. For reasons which I have just mentioned. So I ask you politely next. Let Netherlands, like other European Member States decide on the migration. We pay tens of billions of euros in childcare, education and integration of migrant workers. Is not it better to partially spend that money on social and economic developments in the countries where the immigrants come from? May need to be revised strangling trade agreements? There infrastructure to be built and promoted employment? Schools and medical facilities built? Is not it our duty to encourage economic migrants to rebuild their country. Instead of making flee. See also my book about Europe and Migrants.

Parts of prosperity

Unfortunately, I do not hear this from the European political elite. When Africa at competitive prices coffee machines or wind turbines brings to market, sell our products not good. And if Africa is self-sufficient in its food, Europe can not dump subsidized agricultural products. Then we suffer a loss of revenue. Followed by a loss of jobs. And a loss of gross domestic product. Then it goes in Europe and somewhat worse in Africa better. Manipulating this way peoples reminiscent of the old colonial era.

Multiculturalism is not a condition for growth

During my many travels I have learned from 50 countries that a nation grouping to language, religion and culture. It wants to preserve the values, an independent country with its own borders. A country that can be defended against intruders. A country where you can only enter as a tourist or to do business. Wherever I went, Sahara, India, Andean, Pacific and Amazon jungle, I saw a local population of their own country, language and culture. Nowhere I multiculturalism as a need for "economic growth" encountered. Or as a condition to 'survive'. Or to prevent 'a war'

We go straight into the 'Perfect Storm'

Nowhere in the world I have seen that government forcing their people to live together with other people. Nowhere, unless the people have to live under a dictatorship. Such as the Netherlands and Western Europe need to obey the laws of the undemocratic EU.

But I have seen anywhere in the world to fight the people for a better life. I understand why people from the Middle East and Africa flights to Europe. I understand the cry in order to improve living conditions in God's name.

The European Union does not understand it. And you, Mr Rutte, understand there is no flicker of. You bring my beloved Dutch society to the brink of collapse. Aware please send me and those I love in a 'Perfect Storm'. It will be destroyed existing traditional values.

I ask to review your migration. Or to resign.

Sender: Peter Stuivenberg