In a digital environment, where mail is sent to be paid via the Internet, which accounts via the Internet and that a tax is indeed familiar over the internet, it is not possible to vote digitally. This needs to change, for faster, easier and more reliable!


All Dutch voters conclude that the old ballot system is outdated:

  • to slow
  • to difficult
  • and untrustworthy

It can be done using DigiD (now can be checked identification via a smartphone with NFC authenticity). This may or home (poss. For the elderly, disabled, etc.) in a public place.

Through digital voices must be easier for everyone. It needs to count faster by the government and above all this is much more reliable!

And requests:

We want a digital ballot or to vote in future digital.

Stand on 17-03-2017 at 17:39 pm 19049 signatures

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Why a revote of the Lower House election?

See text of witnesses below!