Crown deceived (t)

"Jealously kept hidden pots of deaf and under William Alexander and Mark Rutte '

Netherlands, February 12, 2017

This is a seven-part documentary with six parts of about 45 minutes. The final section seven, with a second video message to the Head of State William Alexander, lasts eleven minutes.

The easiest covered to keep cover-up seems to be that of the head of state. Because while it could be argued easily believable that the head of state never works with a cover. But the conflict of whistleblower Sam Broersma his government uses the Dutch head of state as early as April 2001 purposefully and deliberately its own well-documented and clear, but also carefully concealed, covered up. And in this same conflict even handle multiple government agencies own cover-up. Because you still consider yourself, it's all 'true', which says Sam Broersma.

Episode 1 (43:26 min.)

In this first episode tells the ruined landscape conflict. The Heads of State Beatrix, Willem Alexander and wield cover their conflict with whistleblower Sam Broersma, along with the prime ministers Cook, Balkenende and Rutte several deaf pots. With his self-published 2010 book "Her Majesty lies rule 'Sam Broersma called co also complete monitoring" politically Hague' to help. For years sent cries of so many 'legal chen things "were found there, however, vicious and completely be ignored.

In Part 1 we see the filmed reactions in this special Royal fraud Pieter van Vollenhoven (first copy book) and interviews with the prime ministers Balkenende, Prime Minister Rutte and vice Asscher.

there are also also see clips from the first video message from Sam Broersma turned head Willem Alexander. But Head of State William Alexander continues to conceal these separate fraud stiff in one of his own deaf pots.

Episode 2 (45:38 min.)

The source of this conflict lies with a small army of corrupt officials of the State Secretary of Finance. Although Sam Broersma also the ministers of several Cabinets informed personally, that nothing changed in this still very serious situation. The Sam Broersma addressed responsible secretaries of state and finance ministers did not react properly and legally outside his alarming signals.

The camera interviewee Ministers of Justice Opstelten, Teeven, and later Van der Steur, have clearly chosen to have deliberately run this conflict. Called are also a number of key officials at Justice.

The senior officials directly under the Prime Minister and the Minister of Justice also come here with their incorrect actions on screen.

Episode 3 (47:15 min.)

Martijn van Dam, Jesse Klaver, Tofic Dibi and Jetta Klijnsma confirm control of the House in the Cabinet. Balkenende, De Haan and Buma cheat Broersma in 2001/2002. Jeroen Dijsselbloem voted already written in 2002 by the Minister Wouter Bos actually committed fraud. MP Jeroen Recourt behave in interviews for 20 minutes about his own acceptance of this particular fraud.

Interviewed are Stef Blok, Hans Hillen, Jeanine Hennis-Plasschaert (with its own cover-up on her ministry), Jetta Klijnsma, Uri Rosenthal (read book), Edith Schippers, and Henk Kamp.

The non proper roles of Senate President Yvonne Timmerman-Buck, and Ernst Hirsch Ballin (Council of State).

Episode 4 (44:49 min.)

Here, in this order, to see interviews with Jet Bussemaker, Liesbeth Spies, Marlies Velthuizen van Zanten, Melanie Schultz, Ronald Plasterk, Sharon Dijksma, explicit deception of MP Henk de Haan, about double features, and information about Halbe Zijlstra.

More interviews with Jozias van Aartsen, Jack de Vries, Ineke van Gent, Carola Schouten, Linda Voortman, Khadija Arib, Alexander Pechtold, the cover-up of National Ombudsman Marten Oosting, Alex Brenninkmeijer, and Reinier van Zutphen interview Brenninkmeijer, the Presidium of the Lower House interview with Khadija Arib, Ronald van Raak, and Martin Bosma. Geert Wilders remain silent.

And interviews with Emile Roemer, Albert de Vries, Ad Koppejan, Kathleen Ferrier, Tunahan Kuzu and Selçuk Öztürk, Hans Spekman, Tjeerd van Decks, and Diederik Samson.

Episode 5 (45:08 min.)

Episode 5 shows interviews with deliberately failing MPs. In order here Lutz Jacobi, Vera Bergkamp, ​​Wassila Hadchchi, Alexander Pechtold, Wouter Koolmees Sjoerd Sjoerdsma, Carola Schouten, Carola Schouten, Arie Slob, Kees van der Staaij, Mariette Hamer, Myrthe Hilkens Ahmed Marcouch, Angelien Eijsink, Dion Graus , Fleur Agema, and Helma Neppérus.

This episode also shows that Sam Broersma in interviews in The Hague was checked very often.

Episode 6 (48:20 min.)

Images of Broersma, which is controlled by police and security guards of the House, are again seen in this episode. There are also interviews with, and there is information on the following MPs. Gerard Schouw, Henk Krol, constitutional law professor Paul Bovend'eert, Sybrand van Haersma Buma, Mona Keijzer, Mei Li Vos, Henk Nijboer, Marianne Thieme, Roland van Vliet, Johan cutters, and Magda Berndsen.

The Dutch mainstream and local media there are interviews with, and there is information about Edwin de Kort, Peter Jansen, Frénk van der Linden, Jort Kelder, John Schoorl, Barbara Schreur managers, Joris Luyendijk, Ferry Mingelen Frits Wester, Dominique der Heyde, Max van Wezel, Jack de Vries, Monique Schoonen, Frits Wester, Jos Heymans, Peter Klein, Cees Grimbergen, Jan Slagter, and Paul Jansen.

Episode 7 (11:13 min.)

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In the last episode of this documentary Crown deceived (t) "is briefly highlighted the silent role of Director General of the Government Information Henk Brons. Chris Breedveld is the right and confidant of Head of State Willem Alexander, and he also plays an important role in this conflict. It is the second video message with a new cry of whistleblower Sam Broersma stands head Willem Alexander.

Former Justice Minister Frits Korthals Altes says that making mistakes under circumstances not remain without consequences. And lying and deceiving Prime Minister Mark Rutte closes this documentary.