T-shirt with self-chosen printing - Copy

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Design your own T-shirt, with your own chosen text

If you order 1 T-shirt, this is FREE shipped throughout the Netherlands. When shipping to another country in Europe (zone EUR 1) you pay € 9.95 extra per order.

Do you have questions about the T-shirts or does the country you live (not) still have? Send us a message using our contact form, see customer service links at the bottom of this page!

Want to print multiple T-shirts? That can be from 25 T-shirts!

With a reduction of 25 pieces or more, we will print the T-shirts for you, hence the much more favorable price, because this printing technique is much cheaper.

The maximum size of the printout is then max. 30 x 30 cm, printed on 1 side in 1 print color of your choice. Multiple print colors and multiple printed sides (front, back, or sleeve side) are available at an additional cost, and logos, graphics and pencils are then possible to print. Request a price proposal using our contact form by clicking .

Pay attention! By purchasing one or more T-shirts, you support the website of VOLK WAKT WAKKER and people who work to spread the Truth about the New World Order (illuminati), the corrupt government and the fake royal house in the Netherlands.

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