WE ARE ALL extorted!


I'm being blackmailed. Yeah, I thought I just flicker out but I am threatened and, if I do not respond as my extortionist will, then I will have to undergo his violence. I tell my extortionist no status, I can not ask you to take me into protective police and even pick up my fellow citizens their shoulders. My fellow citizens call "duty" and, if you do not comply then it is committed violence to your obligations. That in this country the most normal thing in the world because we are a free country.

"If you do not like but then you move to North Korea, see if you the" freedom "that suits better." That's right about trying to define the scope of the most common definition which one the concept of freedom. It always could be worse so you're here in a free country.
And make no mistake, we know freedoms in this country. You can almost freely vent your thoughts. I must say that I find Rutte dick and nobody will punish me for it. Which unfortunately is a little more subtle with the comments you can make about the king. A sign saying "FUCK THE KING" Her Majesty did not like so, the criminality had to be reviewed by a court, but even the "Fuck the king" caller still alive.

That seems pretty much the "freedom" as freedom is defined here. Everything is allowed within reason. You must also anything and that all specifies itself mainly to pay. You are required to pay and to this end, you even forced. You are not free you to avoid paying because you'd rather spend your money differently.

A glaring example is health insurance. I am obliged to take out insurance, I do not they come and get it. I have no choice, I am obliged to get involved with something I do not agree with. I want my money not squander a total system that sick people can keep getting longer sick. I want to solve disease and, if the insurance can not, then I do not want to participate. I do not need nonsense but the state says so. If the state says that something is needed, then I have to pay. I have no choice, I can join or be prosecuted, I am not refusing to free services offered.

The state operates no differently as the Mafia. The state says to protect me and deprives me the right to protect myself and my stuff to others. The state even protects me in Syria. Since then sends the state aircraft around and then throwing bombs at the wrong party. Those Syrians suddenly come all this way and there is no other option to take them while I purpose to create financial opportunities. Nobody asks me for my opinion, I should just pay and then all will be well by the state.

As long as I keep paying I did not suffer. As long as I continue to pay, I can go anywhere and stand. I do not pay, because I think it is a bad idea that the state spends my money this way, I will be taken out of circulation. I have no power over my own behavior because the state is more powerful than me. I have everything that is doing blindly accept, I may even protest with a group of like-minded as the mayor permits. Says the mayor is "NO", then I suddenly have the freedom to express me. I do it anyway, then the ME and I assaulted by helmeted with batons, shields and tear gas grenades attired followers order with my friends. Suddenly we differ a lot less than all of North Korea.

A free country is not big government. A large government makes constant rules and regulations resulting from a policy that is interpreted by the government. I have the freedom to be able to determine the color of that government. Parties all have their own coloring, so you can see at glance that red is yours and not blue. These colors speak for the elections very concerned about how they are going to fight for your interests and in practice remains only what stage of over there. The policy is always based on weather preventing you can pay more and everyone supports it. "Otherwise it will only get worse," the argument is against the one who recognizes that there is no one on his side.
Yes we believe in this system. We call it democracy and at the sound of that word everyone starts to smile. Then we'd throw that words like equality and against it, the realization that the state above us is negated by the words "that would otherwise be a mess." The word democracy means equality and the right to self-determination in this society, and we are all under the yoke of the state life.

Freedom means having choices and the consequences of that choice always have a natural cause. You're not free if you change your behavior because otherwise appears a bailiff at your doorstep. You're not free because you can choose a political party. There is no party that says the entire health insurance should be optional. There is no party that says that as a village you can start your own care and collectively, there is no insurance that alternative medicine does not oppose.

You become like a frightened guinea pig pushed through a tunnel and rewarded when you have offered little resistance. You are forced to participate in something that you do not want and yet you appeal you may choose to be free in mind. You may vote only, none of the parties has freedom as the first item standing in her diary. Political parties bicker just about how you will meet your obligations, never on what not.

The genius of this repressive system that my fellow citizens not to think about it while no one is opposed to freedom. They are pumped with the doctrine that your democratic right must triumph and do not, there is no discussion possible. You are then the ones that undermines democracy, as democracy is also equality for them, it never takes long before you will be depicted as fascist. Those people are completely confused and, just that people are regarded by the media as 'normal'. They are fully programmed, unable to conduct a substantive discussion and begin to sizzle with rage when they can not get their right. Those are the people that restrict your freedom to perform an act that any form of progression for many years in the way.

Those people do not have a vision, which they can not deviate from them motivated approach to issues. They do not think, but do go obediently vote. Were they able to listen to different opinions and arguments, they could still change his mind but, now you are obliged to respect other people's opinion. This is a new form of respect which we try to approach each other that just makes us get away ever further apart. "That's your opinion," today is enough to stifle any discussion in the bud. We need to know anything more, we have to think anything about it, if we have a precooked opinion.

Each political party is the enemy of your freedom. Politics is about non-issues. Thus, the environmental problem appears to be resolved by paying more tax. Think differently about you deny climate change and should go about it. Nobody is doing it against the health insurance and duty, they squabbles only on the amount of the deductible. The refugee debate is not about the cause of the fleeing people but how much we like it or not recording. All such non-issues about money being knocked out of your pocket. It must all remain affordable forever reads it, while people simply starve and all while about 80% of your money, partly under duress, cedes to the state so that they can arrange this. Which direction we accepted us as long as we continue to accept this will not change.