I used to be the smartest girl in the class, (count terms then), in language I was on the 3rd place. I understand those still not CUNT language. I did not WHY so many languages have been invented, but I let me explain last, I suddenly heard the answer. These languages have emerged for others (merchants and dissenters) can not hear what you say, clever huh?

If you are going to parse words are suddenly too very different things, even still, what is the point of that? Sometimes quite confrontational. Or is that a secret language for Freemasonry and resulting Religion?

Furthermore, I am a straightforward person, a researcher, I want to know the ins and outs, throw like the cat among the pigeons, I can see how it comes out again, and if that does not come true, I'm going to see him self and then see how I have hatching again.

Private I really got messed up, it's a big mess! I have given up everything and sacrificed everything to find the truth for myself and for you, the Humanity! I also feel a victim of the current Satanic power system. Therefore forgive me all my sins, faults and mistakes you'll ever find about me or come across. I hope I can finally solve everything and that you are going to appreciate me what I DO have done well. Finding the truth and proclaiming it I experience as a mission, a mission from the Universe, which I feel strongly connected to me.

My luck maybe? I have a big and good heart and I am a very sincere man at heart, never forget that. Unfortunately my life be different than I had planned, but otherwise I would not be sitting in this chair where I sit now. I try the lower stone for you to get up, because Rutte does not, would he have a good reason?

Yes, I am a co-discoverer of many lies in this world! Am therefore working to unravel the MH17 and the shape of the earth, Mother Earth is a sphere, hollow, flat or we live in an inner earth? Think about it! What is water? Always run to the deepest point right? This question you should try to answer for yourself by going self-examinations. I can only give you some hints to trigger you. Yes, I am often pulled through the mud by my notifications, does not give. I own a very happy great resilience and have an open mind and am open to anything. You may ask me for anything, but in respect, I always answer. I hope that we will find many truths in this way, because that's my (life) goal, why I am here, I am one of the many Lightworkers on Mother Earth.

One at a glance: The game that is played on Mother Earth called MONOPOLY. I wish there no more to do with it. By playing with it you end up in a Matrix with lots of Duties and hardly Rights. The Royal is the biggest drug dealer in the Netherlands. The army, police, customs and motorcycle clubs working all along with this! Judges and Lawyers prefer the side of the Royal family, as they have promised to Trouw. Sexual abuse is tolerated by the Dutch Government, there have already been many testimonies here on that show. Royal family and high ranking figures guilty of sexual abuse of children, here are proof of! Sexual abuse of children must be stopped! Religion is a large distribution method of the People, the People that do not speak (A) can be, here is well thought through the Elite (or Freemasonry FREE MASONS).

It is massive and wake up in a timely manner is our salvation! We need the power system (banking, state and religion) MASS going to turn our backs! Only that will liberate us from the Slave System (Matrix) We crossed massively play what's called Monopoly. Prepare for the new and free world, give our (future) kids a beautiful and loving future to continue thinking.

This year a lot of things revealed, so make sure that you will inform yourself by reading yourself, otherwise the truth will soon fall like a brick on your head.

In the meantime I know the words TOGETHER, CONNECT and LOVE our salvation will be on Mother Earth!

Take care ♥

Written by ANONYMOUS