It was again August 1914. The month that Europeans were all reassured by their own right and happy in military service went to fight for a few weeks for God, King and Fatherland.

But then armies still worked with locomotives, trenches, horses, guns and guns.

In April 2017 a powdered pot is still ready and the match is already inflamed:

29-03-2017: The Pentagon says no information about troop construction in Europe and in the Middle East.

30-03-2017: Trump signs a number of decrees that represent a trade war with China. He states: "Xi Jinping will not get it easy this week".

30-03-2017: Britain is threatening Spain with intervention if that country controls Gibraltar. A British Deputy Admiral states that "we can still print the beard of the Spanish king".

31-03-2017: German Minister of BuZa Sigmar Gabriel brings out US demands on defense spending and threatening import taxes. He says to step into the World Trade Organization because of this American trade war.

01-04-2017: Donald Trump declares willing to be a one-sided attack on North Korea.

01-04-2017: Donald Trump: "I'm not going to say what's going to happen, that's something from before. You will see it "and" My predecessor did nothing, I'm going to do something ".

02-04-2017: 1,350 NATO soldiers reinforce the hundreds of thousands of troops stationed over the last year along the Russian borders in Europe.

03-03-2017: Heavy terror attack in St. Petersburg subway. Dutch journalist accuses Putin of killing people in his own city "to keep the knot under control". There are no condolences from the Dutch government, a contemptible gesture that is common in wartime.

03-04-2017: Ashton Carter (US) says willing to find millions of dead acceptable in a new Korean war (just as many deaths as in 1950-1953, there were three million).

04-04-2017: Rex Tillerson (VS) says: "North Korea's time is over".

04-04-2017: General John Keane states: "A defensive attack on North Korean launchers, artillery and air defense are our only option."

04-04-2017: Rescue depot of "moderate rebels" explodes in the Syrian province of Idlib, a poisonous gas releases tens of people. Without a trace of evidence, Syria and Russia are accused. The message is spread by the Syrian Forum for Human Rights, a completely unreliable anti-Assad propaganda channel in Britain. On the images we see an ISIS beul (Jamal Islam, the beheaded) dressed as a doctor.

05-04-2017: Donald Trump prepares the Americans for military intervention in Syria with a story about dead babies.

05-04-2017: The United States ambassador to the United Nations says that the US is not waiting for a UN mandate to intervene in Syria. Just like in 2003 in the attack on Iraq, for unfounded reasons and with disastrous consequences.

Tomorrow or the day after tomorrow, Donald Trump is likely to accuse Russia to the UN because of (according to the US) violation of the INF Convention on Medium Nuclear Missiles. According to the New York Times, this is the best opportunity to maximize the already tense relationship with Russia.

China, Japan, India and Russia are in an increased state of readiness.

All in all, about fifteen million men are ready for battle. The US with 2.3 million, Russia with 0.8 million, China with 3.2 million, India with 2.7 million, North Korea with 2.9 million, South Korea with 1.4 million, NATO with 1 million.

Source: Anonymous