BLACK POPE, LUCIFER and the Jesuits

The Jesuits and the Black Pope

Everything starts with Lucifer, Satan. The current power in this world is in the hands of those who worship him. And those that you think they have the power not more than jumping jacks on the world stage.

Regularly read your stories about how the Black Pope, head of the Jesuits, would be the most powerful man on earth. This is not so because above him are a number of families from The Papal Bloodlines, descended from Satan directly and ultimately determine what happens in the world.

(Logo of the Jesuits - "IHS" are the first three letters of JESUS in the ancient Greek.)

(former Black Pope Peter Hans Kolvenbach along with former pedophile Pope)

Senior Jesuits are Luciferians, they believe in Lucifer. The Dutchman Peter Hans Kolvenbach is the former General of the Jesuit order. The General of the Jesuits is called "black pope".

(Former Black Pope Peter Hans Kolvenbach)

Many people forget this man when it comes to major players in the secret societies. The Jesuit order has had a great influence on the formation of the Bavarian Illuminati, and this organization is used as a lightning rod / front for the Vatican. (See diagram)

Von Weishaupt (also known as Johann Adam Weishaupt - founder of the illuminatenorden in 1776), after all, was trained by Jesuits in canon law (Catholic canon law). Many of the former monarchies were generally not pro Vatican, the Vatican so it worked out well that the Bavarian Illuminati wanted to disrupt the monarchies.

The other kabal families like the Rothschild family only the auditors of the Kabal and follow the traditional order of the Jesuits. Also, they are nothing more than puppets and lightning. (See diagram)

Peter Hans Kolvenbach General of the International Military Order of the Society of Jesus is seen by many as one of the main people responsible for the attacks of September 11, 2001 on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. The New World Order is the fourth empire, an empire under the Vatican under Lucifer. Since the secretions of the Roman Catholic Church during the Reformation does the Luciferian cult everything possible to regain full control.
Kolvenbach with his former staff

(Kolvenbach and his former staff)

The Jesuits (officially established by Pope Paul III in 1540), the Military Intelligence Service of the Vatican. And controlling a large part of the actions of the so-called "illuminati" and the hierarchy in the Vatican.

(Jesuit power structure)

The two people who represent these bloodlines in practice:
  1. Pepe Orsini - Italy
  2. Henry Breakspear - Macau, China

The most powerful man in the world Pepe Orsini, also known as the Grey Pope. Not the white stuff and not, as often assumed, the Black Pope. A little further down, we find the most powerful organization in the world, the Jesuits. This order, also called the secret service of the Vatican, is headed by a General, better known as the Black Pope. And yes, the Black Pope is powerful, but not the most powerful man on earth. The former "president of the EU," Herman "Catholic bastard" Van Rompuy belonged to the Jesuit sect and is responsible for more than one murder million people in the Middle East and Africa.

Among the Jesuits also contains the Illuminati and are not, as many people think, the famous families like the Rockefellers. of the thirteen Illuminati families are:

The "black pope" is practically the service from within the Vatican and not the regular pope. The Knights of Malta are also under the control of the Jesuits. All the misery of the past centuries is almost always suffer back into a black pope. The involvement of the Vatican and the Jesuits at the NAZI regime is well documented. H. Himmler founded the SS to the model of the Jesuit order.

(Headquarters issue in the Vatican.)

From 1963 also includes the Vatican officially join the club of Satan. This has become known by a now-deceased Jesuit priest Father Malachi Martin who wrote a book about this event.

Malachi Martin, a former Jesuit priest and Vatican insider, writes in his book "Windswept House: a Vatican Novel" that there was a satanic ritual in 1963, in Saint Peter's Basilica in Rome. During this event named "Placing on the throne of the fallen archangel Lucifer" Satan was formally placed on the throne in the Vatican. Simultaneously were held in America rituals to ratify this "throne". Pope Paul the Sixth, which from 1963 to 1978 was a function would have once said: "The smoke of Satan has entered the church and around the altar", referring to the satanic ritual. And he should know, elected a week before the ritual ...

The Church has thus officially secretly brought under the power of Satan. Was it in 1963 for an occult stronghold, after the ritual is merged with the Vatican utterly demonic side. Unfortunately know many sincere priests, bishops and Catholics nothing from here. Still does not change the fact that they are currently stuck in an occult stronghold which plays a key role in the coming New World Order.

Furthermore, Martin writes in another book, The Keys of this Blood, "the incident of Satanic pedophilia - rites and practices - has already been documented by some bishops and priests as widely dispersed as Turin in Italy to South Carolina in the United States. The sectarian practices of Satanic pedophilia are considered by professionals to be the highlight of the rituals of the Fallen Archangel ".

Shortly before his death gave Malachi Martin a few interviews in which he confirms the satanic practices within the church. A short section of such interview you find at the bottom of this article.

Lucifer, Satan has the world in its grip. Not surprising that pedophiles quietly sit back in the topfunkties and will never worry about. Almost everything in this world, every organization or structure, ends or begins with Satan.

They have taken control of several organizations together with the Military Order of Malta, such as:

  • The United Nations
  • NATO
  • European Commission
  • Council on Foreign Relations
  • Several central banks
  • Large bedrijfen (SP 500)
  • Secret services - Secret services
  • Different societies and cults like Freemasonry (Freemasonry) ( "The Brotherhood") and Opus Dei.

Nevertheless, if you all people worldwide marketing in those positions of power against the population you're talking about a fraction. Light and love is really in the majority! But only if the sheeple once wake up and realize that they do not allow control and dominate Satan, maybe then something will change.

The holders of the post of black pope over the years:

(1) - Ignatius Loyola (1541-1556).
St. Ignasius of Loyola
Founder of the Jesuit order in 1534.
(2) - Diego Lainez (1558-1565).
(3) - Francis Borgia (1565-1572).
Francis Borgia from the notorious Borgia family. The Borgias had many unacknowledged children who also include names of the Jesuit order infiltrated.
(4) - Everard Mercurian (1573-1580).
(5) - Claudius Aquaviva (1581-1615).
(6) - Mutius Vitelleschi (1615-1645).
(7) - Vincent Caraffa (1646-1649).
(8) - Francis Piccolomini (1649-1651).
(9) - Alexander Gottifredi (1652-1652).
(10) - Goswin Nickel (1652-1664).
(11) - John Paul Oliva (1664-1681).
(12) - Charles de Noyelle (1682-1686).
(13) - Thyrsus Gonzalez de Santella (1687 to 1705).
(14) - Tamburnini Michelangelo (1706-1730).
(15) - Francis Retz (1730-1750).
(16) - Ignatius Visconti (1751-1755).
(17) - Aloysius Centurione (1755-1757).
(18) - Lorenzo Ricci (1758-1775)
(19) - Thaddeus Brzozowski (1805-1820).
(20) - Luigi Fortis (1820-1829).
(21) - Jan Roothaan1829-1853).
(22) - Peter Beckx (1853-1887).
(23) - Antonio Maria Anderledy (1887-1892) (.
(24) - Luis Martin (1892 to 1906).
(25) - Franz Xavier Wernz (1906-1914).
(26) - Wlodimir Ledochowski (1915-1942).
(27) - Jean-Baptiste Janssens (1946-1964).
(28) - Pedro Arrupe (1965-1983).
(29) - Peter Hans Kolvenbach (1983-2008).
Jesuit General during the attacks in the USA on September 11, 2001. It is remarkable that Kolvenbach the first black pope who called for his resignation from the position of black Pope. The appointment black stuff is for life or until it appears that the black pope a "heretic." Resides now in Syria.

(30) - Adolfo Nicolás Pachón (2008 - ????).
(The current black Pope.)

Summary taken from: Thomas E. Zeyen, SJ Jesuit Generals: A Glance into a Forgotten Corner, University of Scranton Press, 2004.