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Energy Parasites can be found in all shapes and sizes. Recently I came across in my practice in contact with the phenomenon of 'Archons' energy parasites that have played a major role and still play in suppressing the true human nature. At first I was skeptical, partly because of what I read about it on the Internet: by sensation-oriented sci-fi-like articles, I was put on the wrong track and did the idea as nonsense. Until I came across this article by Cameron Day.

I could the next day (which is called a coincidence) it described the tactic immediately apply a regression client who had been struggling most of his life with the oppressive influence of an "ankle biter" grown out of his forces. The liberating effect for this client was huge and changed his life. When I was convinced: it is very important that we are aware of this phenomenon so we can address it, both on their own and in therapy practice. The article consists of three parts: Part 1 and Part 2 of Cameron Day, and a subsequent article in which I describe my own experiences with these energy suckers.

They never call Archons: Part 1

It has 15 years to write this article because I was so long doing was pouring all the information in an accessible form. There will drop a few key pieces of the puzzle in place on how we're going to bring to an increased frequency this planet and everyone on it. A key aspect of this shift is to "clean up the consciousness of all humanity, which is not a piece of cake. This article will detail handle the biggest obstacle of this cleanup, and provide a solution that needs your efforts to succeed.

I (Cameron Day, ed.) Wrote earlier about a "living cloud of shadows that surrounded this planet inhabited by energy parasites. These parasitic creatures have chosen to experiment the highest possible degree with the illusions of separation, fear, darkness, isolation, domination, bondage, pain, suffering, etc. By doing so, they have completely shut himself off from the nourishing Light existence which supports life in the Universe. The consequence is that they are energetically have to keep in position by feeding on using low-frequency energies which resonate with their chosen mode of expression.

These creatures call themselves 'Archons' what 'Lord' or 'Rulers' mean because they see themselves as the rulers and slave traders of humanity. (The ancient Gnostics gave them this title first in their reports based on direct psychic contact with these creatures.)

Although the manipulation and enslavement of humanity through these invisible beings so far has been very successful, I will in no way address as my rulers or superiors, just as I have physical intestinal parasites will regard as superior, even if they can give me considerable physical discomfort until I delete them from my system.

Our thoughts have power - more than we often realize. Words and titles have power because they fix our minds to some frameworks of beliefs, even without us see through. A 'royal' human being such as 'Your Highness' call automatically puts them in your thoughts above yours. Therefore it is very important that, when you think about this energy parasites, they'll NEVER 'Archon' calls because you literally give away your power and energy.

I prefer to call them Ankle Biter mirrors. This makes it clear how I feel about them, which is like a bunch of low-parasites, an infection of consciousness that will be flushed out of my system by the proper application of my will and energy cleaning process. Still another purpose: it makes them angry, what she brings to the light of day, where they can be more easily addressed. Unlike their chosen status as "rulers" of mankind, they hide like little worms in the shadows of our mind, and send pulses of low frequency emotions and thoughts in our ego and emotional body, to provoke a low-frequency emotional energy that they can consume.

Because they hide so much, they have to go outside to be "flushed" to address openly to be, so a healthy dose of disrespect and a touch of arrogance are ingredients that we can use if we these parasites cope.
A bit of backstory

A bit of backstory

There was, on this planet in a distant past, a humanity that was infinitely more impressive than is the case today. We humans were completely telepathically gifted, multi-dimensional beings who could simultaneously perceive and navigate in many dimensions. We built great cities with technology that was in harmony with the energy fields of the Earth. We were completely in line with our Divine Inner Self while we expressed in the physical dimension in many life-affirming ways.

This unlimited expression of the divine Self was seen by the ankle biter particles as a threat to their existence, because the third dimension on other worlds dominated by them for a long time. A third dimension world that was completely free of their manipulation and could not feed them was something that they could not allow without a fight.

The problem was that the Earth people were so powerful that we could sweep them from us literally mindlessly. These beings have no power over those who have been manipulated and be caught in fear. A fully conscious human being that knows Divine Inner Self, can in no way dominated by these parasitic creatures. The enkelbijters were to speak a metaphorical suit get their pants and be sent away like naughty children.

However, this enkelbijters may be the smartest manipulators in the entire universe, simply because it is their only way of life. It's all they know.

They studied these immensely powerful men, and their hunger for power and energy that they could tap into if they only knew one way to manipulate them, overcome and enslavement. They designed a plan very carefully manipulate a few people in high positions of power and far to get that they made a terrible mistake with catastrophic consequences.
These people experimented with new ways to curb energy in large quantities and send. The experiments were never done before and very ambitious - too ambitious, because a few of these enkelbijters secretly urged some of these people to go beyond what was previously thought possible through their ego.

When it went horribly wrong in an advanced testing phase at the north pole, an extremely powerful device exploded with such force that the huge natural disasters on the planet. It melted quickly large ice caps, causing a flood that destroyed almost all coastal areas on the planet within a day. The amount of death and destruction was unimaginable, and only a small fraction of the billions of people survived the disaster.

Traumatized and broken by the loss of their loved ones, they were only focused on physical survival, and fled to safe areas to try to rebuild their once great civilization again. This story may sound like the Fall of Atlantis, but also all fell this civilization in a similar way, the disaster took many centuries earlier.

The incredible trauma of this experience caused a loss of perception of the survivors, and made them less aware of the other dimensions were always run through the third dimension. They simply could not take the time to any other dimension whatsoever except to establish this as their physical survival depended on being completely focused on the physical plane. At the same time provided the deep emotional pain, grief and emotional wounds of the people enkelbijters a large amount of low-frequency energy which they could consume, and gave them the opportunity to make a feast of the suffering of the surviving humans and thus be more powerful.

The enkelbijters found that, as long as they remained hidden, they could send a little thought form in the minds of the traumatized people who reminded them that they had lost. This would cause a chain reaction of painful thoughts and emotions of the person that would provide more food energy for enkelbijters. With each successive generation of people born, the enkelbijters were bolder and placed a program that directly interfered in human consciousness.

They programmed the people subliminally to remain blind to their presence, so that they could directly influence people's minds. They programmed the human mind also so that the road would shy away from references to enkelbijters or their influence, so when they were confronted with such information, the first reaction would be one of disbelief and ridicule.

Finally, in their most brilliant sinister move, they reprogrammed the human ego to look like their own ego, and encouraged to dominate the ego consciousness to all other levels of being and consciousness. In fact, they reprogrammed the people to be just like them anxious, jealous, petty, brutal, focusing on slavery, murderous, vengeful, etc. This assured them of people for thousands of years simply to drive would be as energetic food source. These layers of programming have since always been present in human thought, and the discordant unfortunate events that we know as human history maintained.

Dark control network

Over time enkelbijters built a power feeding structure to the planet around which they gather the opportunity afforded automatic low-frequency energy generated by people, and sending frightening or other low-frequency messages in the human consciousness to continue to provide people food. This structure consisted of a "higher" low density than ours, so they could only be detected by ESP or outside the body. I discovered this grid for the first time in 1997 during an out of body experience, but had no idea what it was. I was promptly intercepted by two beings who disguised themselves as 'guides' but felt whose energy as that of warders then what kind of benign guide whatsoever.

Over the years I have gathered more information about this control network, but I'm still not as much as I would like. This is what I know about it. This structure is like a dark web of energy that surrounds planet and it is heavy and oppressive. It blocks energies to earth come from the core of the Milky Way and other parts of the galaxy, but can not hold them all. The web is programmed with "negative feedback" that subtle signals in the subconscious mind and sends the ego to keep people focused on low frequency beliefs and thought patterns.

The "dark web control" is programmed with artificial intelligence to repair itself and enkelbijters alert if it is damaged. It supports the "collectors" of enkelbijters, living amoeba-like creatures that are connected to the earth with nearly every man, and suck all the low frequency energies that we emit in our daily lives. Enkelbijters travel through this web to maintain or persons of high frequency immediately to suppress whose energy it. The 'bosses' in the ankle biter hierarchy usually have a "reptilian" human appearance, though they can measure many different disguises to. (Note: the dark web is almost solved since 2013, see Part 2 of this article, Ed.)

The enkelbijters have used their superiority over people to corrupt complete what we believe constitutes human nature. You might wonder what the "human nature" would be without that enkelbijters and their dark monitoring network.

What has always been considered the "human nature": to lie, cheat, steal, rape, enslavement and murder; which is actually a fake program that is programmed into the human mind, and is not essential human nature.

The true human nature is compassionate, caring, sensitive, loving, forgiving, focused on collaboration, empathetic, creative, energetic, joyful, curious, unstoppable, non-conformist, cheerful and DIVINE. To put down again our true human nature, we must throw overboard the false programming of the enkelbijters.

Repairing your Divine Nature

The recovery of your consciousness that you are Divine is the main reason for the existence of Energy cleanup techniques are designed to help you in a gentle way to solve the false layers of illusions that have been planted in the course of many lives in your consciousness so you true 'higher self' can rediscover that actually your Inner Divine Self is.
We begin each incarnation our divine Self entirely situated in the heart center of our physical body, which is why children are so wonderful and full of energy. Then, when authority figures, media, peers, the dark controleweb and the world as a whole convince the child that it is NOT divine, this inner divine energy leaves the body and remains above the person, patiently waiting to be reintegrated into the heart center . Because our divine energy seemingly 'above' us in, one is going to call our Higher Self.

So, from this moment, when you hear the words "Higher Self", please replace it with 'Inner Divine Self' and feel the subtle but powerful shift in your awareness that is caused. Instead of your Divine Light sees for you as above you see radiating from your heart center. Instead of you brings an aspect of your divine nature in you, you go radiate from deep inside yourself. This may seem a small thing, but the difference is extremely powerful.

When your Inner Divine Light radiates from the heart and surrounds body, you can send a beam loving energy to the heart of the planet to do with it energetic interaction. All this can be done without attracting too much attention from little ankle biter, so keep doing this if you want a simple, flexible, frequency-increasing experience with minimal "resistance" of the control grid. (Note: the dark web is almost solved since 2013, see Part 2 of this article, Ed.)

Solving the Dark Control Web

As I noted earlier, is one of the web functions to block the energy that comes to Earth from the Galactic center. Fortunately, the web is now weakened, and there are gaps where the galactic energy in ever increasing degree to flow through. The enkelbijters know that their time has almost come, and put behind everything to keep human consciousness in a low frequency.

One of the consequences of their desperation that they aggressively intervene in anyone who actively trying to increase its frequency and awareness. That's you, that's me. For them, the war, and they will do everything in their power to keep you and sad, anxious me depressed, powerless and so on. You only have to watch the news to see this confirmed.

So what can you do to improve the situation? A lot! The basic training in energy cleanup is available for free in the Self-Clearing System (English, ed.). Apply the small shift in consciousness that I described earlier so you're always full aware that you connect with your own Divine Power and this applies. Always remember that YOU are the power that would have these little ankle biter and where they want to feed on. They pretend to be powerful, but their power comes from YOU. Ankle Biter Parties have NONE of themselves quite like the power of a single human being who is fully aware of his true Divine Nature.

When your Divine Inner Light to radiate out and you're connected to the core of the Earth, imagine that you are a ray of light of your Inner Divine Core shines directly upward, in the heart of the Milky Way. You light beam will pass through the control web and almost immediately arrive in the heart of the Milky Way. Then tell the galaxy core: "I am to be ready for a Galactic Channel" where you will receive a stream of galactic energy.

This process is slightly different with the 'cosmic flush in the first cleanup techniques because YOU initiates the energetic connection to the galactic core, and then acts as a channel for Galactic consciousness for its energy directly by you to the planet send. This is an important difference because this reinforces the understanding that YOU are the power that initiates the cosmic energy. You're not a weak little creature who begs for help to the Galactic core, no, you are a powerful, incredibly important player in this cosmic chess game nearing its end. Without your voluntary cooperation as Galactic channel, it would be much harder to solve the dark web control when the time comes.

Imagine hundreds of thousands of people across the planet that pierce the dark web control and direct cosmic energy flow in the core of the planet, where that light spreads to everyone who can receive. Imagine the ankle biter little for those desperate fly to bridging the gaps in the controleweb while people remain in their strength as Galactic channels, despite the efforts of the enkelbijters to try to make them stop and instead anxious or sad thoughts let think.

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Source: Article by Cameron Day,
Translated by Drs. Wendy Gillissen
To be continued in "Call them never Archons' part 2 and 3