Australian scientist: "Evidence for a link between crop circles and time travel"

An Australian scientist who has spent years researching crop circles, especially in Britain, came to a remarkable conclusion. Dr. Horace Drew says that crop circles are the work of time travelers. Drew spent 23 years as a molecular biologist at the CSIRO, the main scientific institution of Australia.

He claims to have seen an alien craft in 1965 in Florida, after which he decided to focus on scientific research. He says that alien technology can be used to solve a variety of problems on earth. "We live in a world that is dependent on oil," he told the Australian Daily Telegraph. "That oil will damage our planet."

"Non-polluting alien technology that can solve these problems is kept secret," he continued. The molecular biologist wants to approach the UFO phenomenon in a scientific way. According to him, there is evidence that crop circles can be linked to time travel. "There is abundant evidence for crop circles."

"I'm seven times traveled to places in Britain where evidence can be found for how crop circles were created," he explained. Dr. Drew calls people to look up to the evidence and on that basis to draw their own conclusions. He gave the following lecture on 3 September last year (2016) in New South Wales: