Not only our earth, but all planets are hollow. Planets are formed by hot gases from the sun are thrown into circulation and the zest of planets is created by gravitational and centrifugal forces and POLAND REMAIN OPEN and lead to a hollow interior. This process forms a hollow sphere with an Inner Sun, perfumed color, which gives a soft and pleasant full spectrum sunlight, which makes it very conducive to the surface on the inside for the growth of plants and human life, and which only a long brings -long day and no nights.

The HOLLOW EARTH BEINGS are highly spiritually evolved and technologically advanced in their development and they reside within the inner core of our inner Earth. This advanced civilizations live in peace and brotherhood in the center of our Earth, and which contains an Inner Central Sun, with oceans and mountains in their original state.

The cavity of the inner Earth is still in its original state because they do not run or build on their land. There are no buildings, shopping malls or highways. They travel with electromagnetic vehicles that float a few centimeters above the ground. They walk along streams, rivers and oceans, and climb mountains - but that's the limit of their foot-ground contact. They let the rest of their land to nature because this is also the land of nature.

The city government listed in the Hollow Earth is Shamballa. Situated in the center of the planet and you can go in there through the openings at the North or South Pole. The northern and southern lights that we see in our skies are actually reflections of the Inner Central Sun of our Hollow Earth, which radiate outwards from its hollow core.

They use free energy to light their cities, houses and tunnels. They use crystals, associated with electromagnetism, which produce a small sun with full-spectrum light that lasts half a million years and gives them all the power they need.

The Earth's crust is about 1200 km thick from the outer to the inner surface. Because our Earth is hollow and not dense sphere, is the center of gravity not in the center of the Earth, but in the center of the crust, which is around 600 km below the surface. The gravity of the Inner Earth is half of the outer surface and can therefore be an explanation for the greater length of the people, plants and trees; some of their Redwoods reach more than 300 meters.

The source of Earth's magnetic field has been a mystery. The Inner Sun at the center of the Earth is the mysterious power behind Earth's magnetic field.

There are everywhere on Earth cave entrance where exchanges can take place. Only a few are still open today. Nikola Tesla, the genius, the inventor of electric technology now lives in the Hollow Earth. Which is called Agartha, the inner Earth. He began to receive information in the latter part of 1800 and found that `Electric power is everywhere present in unlimited quantities and can drive the machinery of the world without the need for coal, oil, gas or other general brandstof.`

In the thirties entrances and passages were closed by the residents of the Hollow Earth because "corporations" at the time Tesla's technology misused to gain entrance into the Inner Earth. The two main portals of the Hollow Earth, the openings in Poland, which closed in 2000 were because our governments explosions were preparing for the Poles to open the entrances to their world. They have installed a magnetic force field around the pole openings of the Earth to further camouflage the entrances. In this way, the openings to be protected in order to be visible by air or via land. In the past there were on the surface entrances to the Library of Porthologos. One of the entries was the entrance to the Library of Alexandria, which was destroyed by fire in AD 642.

There is more land mass of the Earth (3/4 land and ¼ water) and the country is more concentrated than ours. Everything in the Hollow Earth is meticulously maintained to balance the ecological system of all life forms that live here.

There are several million Catharianen / Agarthans which now live in the Hollow Earth. There are Catharianen as people incarnated on the surface. There are also Catharianen who live on the planet Jupiter. The average Cathariaan is 15 feet = 4.50 m long, and sometimes even more to 23 feet = 6.90 m, and that is certainly the case with the Masters. There are also 36,000 people from outside our area who now live in the Earth. In the last 200 years, 50 area people went in to live there; but went only 8 inwards to live there in the last 20 years.

Finally, the film that po March 3, 2011 was posted on YouTube. It is the first film that the / pool entrance shows there where to see the Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis) is. Actually you look through this recording from the Russian MIR space directly in another (5th?) Dimension .. A kind of heavenly perspective on a gorgeous spectacle, breathtaking ..! Is this the reason that the two poles as "No Flight Zones are classified. It is a courageous Russian whistleblower who brought these images in public.

Library Porthologos

I am Mikos, Caretaker of the records of the Earth and of all recordings of your Solar System and Universe. I'm here in the hollow Earth, mainly to monitor the history of all life everywhere. This is the main objective of our Library Porthologos.

Our library is the only one of its kind in our vast system of planets. Our library is so large that he 456 square miles of land and includes large storage vaults with registration which are all stored on crystal plates which can be seen by reading our crystal projectors /. Our storage facilities are very large, they are organized and categorized so you get the information you want and you want to find to see, you can locate easily. We have large mailers that will deliver your order within a few minutes and then return back to the storage location. In this way, each item in the Library is always where it should be and can be found and preserved perfectly easy. That's because of our technological capabilities. Because we have this drawn out technology of the Universe in which we live, and we have the most advanced method of preservation and storage and retrieval library system on which you would be surprised ...

And now have my bystanders and I you met at the threshold of the Library of Porthologos, where the white alabaster stairs twinkle by sparks inlaid crystals and diamonds, which lead to the great halls of our library which is in the large interior of the Earth localized.

Today we will take you on a tour through our halls and show you how a real library in your future will look like. Your future libraries will look like the look of us because of our model is that it will copy all libraries. We will start with the grounds outside, because there are inner grounds. The outside grounds are lush with grasses, flowers, shrubs and trees, and there are round patios with plush sofas and armchairs, with small, round, large tables to set up your equipment. There are small springs, waterfalls and fountains in these enclosed spaces because our water is alive and in a complete state of consciousness that sings. Yes, sing our water and as you laze in your secluded patios you will be serenaded of life by the water as it springs from our fountains with melodies of deep love that harmonize all the cells in your body and balance. In this state of deep peace and harmony we sit and we relax during the breaks of our day.

And now we enter the Library Porthologos and walk the crystal stairs, where the door opens to the Universe. Yes, the library is multidimensional! As you enter you see the Milky Way Galaxy to you float around and you can look in the heavens that lie behind them, enclosing our entire Universe. You see the Stars and Suns and turn the other Solar Systems to our Central Sun; and you feel part of "All That Is" and that you therefore ....

You see people everywhere - walking, talking, studying, sitting, lying or resting back, dream and just the vibrations of peace instill in them. Everywhere there are flowers with great liveliness of animated fountains and ponds which pour their choirs singing. You look around you and see secluded alcoves, scattered through large halls there with the most ergonomically structured seats you toewenken to rest on them. You discover one that calls you and you go on down and experience a connection with this seat you tune in to the vibration which connected to the central processing unit of the internal computer in the library. You are then supposed to "wired" with the cable-less cable and fully connected with the operating system, and thus work you do with your thoughts and feelings, and that will take you everywhere with you wherever you go to "want" in our Galaxy. You steer with your mind, you use your mind as a compass direction for the coordinates of latitude and longitude. And it is so natural that you marveled at the simplicity and naturalness. And you are traveling in your consciousness, and explores our galaxy and universe from the "first hand" and for the first time in your fully conscious Human Condition.

This is another aspect of what our library offers its visitors, along with crystal plates of all the recorded history of our entire Universe. And you are here by the vibration frequency of our words as you read them and imagine the pictures in your "imagination". We welcome you and invite you to enter at any time. Call us to come in, because our attention is always given to you. I am Mikos, and I'm here to guide you through our personal library whenever you want. You have no "Library Card" is needed because you identify the DNA of your cells is registered. We await your visit.

Our Oceans and Beaches - Our Water is Alive with Awareness

Good morning. This is Mikos calling you from the ocean coast in the Hollow Earth, where I walk along the beach and watch the waves that engulf the sand. Our oceans are large, what is more, huge compared to those of you with waves bigger and stronger in power. The oceans flows quickly around our inner globe, and ebb and flow of the tides are influenced by Earth's outer moon, tides just as you are. Because the magnetic pull of the Moon is also felt in the Earth.

We all spend a lot of time on the beaches, walking on the sand along the shore and swim in the clean and clear waters of the ocean. The water in our oceans and rivers is composed of living consciousness, and it is the consciousness of our water that keeps us forever young.

Our shores packed with pristine sand, colored white and soft and crystalline specks of the softest particles you've ever stepped on. The walk to our sandy beaches is related to the potential for foot massage. And we walk on our beaches this very reason, because the massage soothes our feet and our minds simultaneously. Our oceans overlap our shores with the purest and cleanest water you've ever seen or tasted. And the temperature is always perfect for our body. Not too hot, not too cold. We walk into our ocean where it is shallow and swimming farther distances without ever getting tired or cold. Nobody here ever drown. This is unheard of and unimaginable. We are all great swimmers and our oceans and lakes carry us so we always stay on top of the water.

Our water has consciousness and talk to us while we are immersed in. Yes, says our water. As we swim our water is part of our body and we have a body, an ocean, while we swim with schools and go through the waves. We completely melt together with the consciousness of the water and our swim is a trip into consciousness itself. It is so much more than what you experience in your area lakes and oceans, where so dense the consciousness of your water has become polluted that it has lost its voice, his vitality and life force. It calls weakly against you but you do not hear it. The calls for help to you. It calls to you to stop polluting it, stop ELF waves, to stop whale boating and experiment under water, and to mess with oil and to sail with submarines and cruise ships with which they destroy her life and poison. But unfortunately, it ends up with deaf ears.

The Inner Earth Oceans contain all life that is in the upper oceans, and more. Our oceans teeming with life and all life forms in the sea live in harmony with each other.

They all have a vegetarian diet and no one chases it on others. They live in harmony. All marine life is very evolved compared to life in the surface oceans. They are all used to the peace and security of our waters and they are all accessible to us. We all communicate directly with whales, dolphins and fish and live together in peace with one another.

Because we all are vegetarian, we do not hunt whales, go out fishing or cultivating shrimp. And why Mother Earth is free to evolve in our oceans and our oceans are sanctuaries or refuges for all ocean life. We simply recall with whom we want to talk and then they swim to our shores and speak with us. This will truly be magical for you, but for us this is normal. Remember, we all know in the Hollow Earth that we are ONE ...

On our lands, sparkle and thrive our fields with corn and perfectly touched by "sun" and rain to produce the most lush vegetation that are so wonderful for our palate and so invigorating for our body. Our food pulsates with life and if it is eaten by us, life goes on in our cells, which results in perfect health and longevity.

This is the secret of life; This is the secret fountain of youth that you have always looked for in your area. Which is found in the Earth itself, there just waiting to give you her life if you follow the laws of Nature to plant and harvest crops and only use Nature itself to control the process and oversee growth. With that large forces of Nature that work with you, you do not need to add to the soil, and the harvests are always brilliant size, nutrients and flavor.

Adama of Telos talks about his experience to visit Oceans and Mountains in the cavity of the Inner Earth

The interior of the Earth is a reflection of the surface foundation. Everything is a reverse order of the interior of the Earth. The mountain chains are in direct proportion to the dimensions of the cavity of the Earth tower over the landscape. The oceans are larger than life (?), And flows calmly and quickly around the inside of the globe. The air is crisp clear and the sand is white. The Central Sun to the Earth is less clear than the sun on the outside and reflects the Light of the Heavens.

The towns are all nestled in lush woodlands, flooded with flowers and huge trees. There is vegetation that grows to all man-made structures. Everything is eternal in bloom. It is a land of beauty and wondrous beauty.

Everything is in perfect balance with the size of the circumference of the interior. Everything is larger than life - even the great Beings who live inside are larger than the mortals on the outside. Everything is nice and everything is in heavenly state of bliss.

Take a picture (in your head) of the inner foundation that reflects the outside foundation; with mountain ranges that are higher, and ocean currents that are faster, Greenland and the incredibly lush growing. You do not need pictures to make the contours of the land is still in its original beauty and shows how life on the surface once was. The location of the mountain ranges and oceans now you do not even know. What do need to know is that it exists Inner Earth and how it exists simultaneously with the area, with peaceful and contrary conditions.

The Hollow Earth is a paradise, with large, graceful mountains stabbing up into the 'air'; and big, bright, clean lakes and oceans rage of life. The food in the Hollow Earth is strictly vegetarian and the people are healthy, robust and strong. Also, they have isolated themselves from the people on the surface, although they freely Earth in and out, while they use the spacecraft that are here on the Space Port (Spaceport), inside the Earth. So although they are they have freedom and health and abundance and peace within the Earth - all necessary components for which you have cried on the surface.

There is free travel between the subterranean cities and the Hollow Earth, through the tunnels using our electromagnetic trains that we can take from one part of the Earth to another in a fraction of time it takes if you're on the surface . Our transportation is quick and efficient and uses no fuel. And therefore there is no pollution underground.

We live in Holte dealerships from which we can look forward to our green world outside

Mikos: Now that you are somewhat familiar with the Hollow Earth, we can continue to "dig" with what to believe and introduce a factor of our lives underground conditions.

Under the ground, we do not live in open spaces as you do on the surface. Our Hollow Earth was originally because we do not walk on the floor of the inner surface nor do we build it. We have no shopping malls and wide highways nor do we towering structures. We live in caves, with openings that look out to the open spaces of the Holte caves in the Earth. Sure, we travel into the rocks with our electromagnetic vehicles that rise a few centimeters above the ground and never touch the ground. We walk gently on earth paths run along the streams, rivers and oceans and climb up stabbing mountains. But that is the most that our feet touching the ground. The rest we leave to the Devas and Elementals of Nature, because this is their country.

All our live activities take place in our inner caverns that big, wide and high and are composed of crystals rocks and gems. Crystals diffracted ray full spectral colored rainbows of sparkling light in our atmosphere rocks. Our walls are trimmed with natural rainbow hues by waterfalls that humidify the air with a vivacity and the song of the water that falls down. Yes, our water "sings" - and her choir brings our body cells in harmony, so that our bodies are always vibrating with our water and crystalline surroundings that give us energy and keep alive the whole day. We need little sleep because our cells are always aligned and in harmony with the natural rhythms of Mother Earth herself. If you are tuned like a tuning fork you wear the full life of our Mother and running your battery never empty. So, yes, there is little need for long hours of sleep as you know it. You are drawn blank and finished after a day on your "workplace" but we are always just as lively at the end of our day as at the beginning. We live "in" and "with" the Earth, as you "outside" and "separated" from his hair. That's the big difference.

Your Spiritual Hierarchy has housing for you prepared in this large, uninhabited caves in Earth's interior and will come as the outer "Earth Changes", many of you and masses are being moved there to continue with your current incarnation in Earth, not "on" her. You will meet a "whole" new way of life that "very" and rich and perfect in every way. That will expand your mind and broaden your horizons and your horizon will then an inner horizons are greater than when you are out walking on the surface. A whole new horizon waiting for you to experience.

There are fast events will occur because time is speeding up, even faster than the world itself karma plays out. "Ride with the tide 'and know that you are safe, wherever you are. You are all directed from within and provide for all of you. What you are witnessing through your media is just a "game", a drama which they want you to believe it is real, but only the actors are real. The actors just play their "own play out" in the mundane drama and this is the biggest "hit" of the new Millennium, playing on your television and on movie screens everywhere. Just turn off the button, go into yourself and feel and focus on World Peace. Peace is the actual movie, and the only "role" you must see.

Soon you will see us, and too soon, you will live perfectly fit with your new way of life.

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