People connected on a soul level with each other, which means at the level of an ethereal and interwoven with himself entity called the life of humanity. By its nature, this collective soul transcends the ordinary constraints of time and space. In prehistoric times this energy appeared from which mankind had to develop, for the first time here on earth. It was a bright spark, a piece of this divine material which did not say much more than: "I AM". This energy was able to interact with the energy of other races, other thought forms and the earth itself which helped her to assume a shape. In the course of time it came to a cleavage of these forms and there were many individuals who are known as human beings. Each of these individual beings is still with this light beam with an awareness and understanding in communication that are infinitely greater than any individual form. From there, it is not going to agree but that: to know that there was once A and it will be again.