On this page you will find evidence that the Earth is flat and no sphere like NASA would like the people to believe.

The video below is a way of proving that the Earth is flat and not round as NASA hopes the people will like to believe. Also read the text alongside.
When the Sun has supposedly gone "under" (sunset) and you at that moment would take a distant distance viewer, you can bring the Sun back into view and you can see that the Sun is back in the sky.
Do this test (do this effort once dear people), and you too know that the Earth is flat. You are no longer a believer, as NASA likes to make you believe that!

Various websites with which one can prove that the Earth is flat:

Websites that describe experiments that confirm the flat Earth:

Below is a representation of how the flat Earth might look like. However, this may differ from reality, because we simply do not know it at this time. The big question is whether we will ever know this in our lives.