Was (is) there is a large-scale royal Pedophile Network in and around "ROUND HOUSE" in Nunspeet and here began the collaboration with Nazi Germany? Judge for yourself about these intrigues, (source eg newspaper nunspeet 1976).

The round house no longer exists in the woods near Nunspeet, so the tracks were cleared, but the memories and life more and more outward. played out horrific scenes in the early 20th century on the estate of New Nunspeet owner Frank Fleets you can not imagine in their wildest dreams. The family Fleets, one of the landowners in the Veluwe, possessed a vast territory, the following areas were part: Round House, Flax Lake, Roostee, Myth Steelers, the Fens, Saxenheim, Mustard Veen Kraaienhorst, Heidehof, Willemsbos, Hendriksbos, Henry Sand, Zuiderveld, Horst More and Belvederebos and some other grounds.

Round and Round House took place Dutroux like scenes on such disappearances, murder, assault and orgies with children of 10-14 years young in better positions (the elite) in the Netherlands to date in the Orange dynasty. Sch. and his fellow researcher Monte Berg investigated in 1968-1971 the events behind the Round House in the woods near Nunspeet. It was them and later investigators not appreciated, but more on that later. Read more by clicking. Source:

After 40 years of research, the author of the book "The Round House" Henk Schalkwyk believes he has evidence so much hard that's been established that Prince Henry the husband of Queen Wilhelmina guilty with friends in terrible orgies and seksrituëlen, which in ancient Germanic use the object Netherlands had to let out a form part of rites as common practice in the ancient Germanic empire.

Not only the house has been demolished, but the corridors around the house which could be unseen enter and leave the house. Previous attempts to include author Ton Biesemaat to a story about the house but definitely write about the misdeeds of members of our royal family ran spoke due to lack of witnesses. Out there by now, and it may be assumed that the book gives a shocking picture of what members of our so-called dynasty is believed to be able to afford.
The book's author believes that he has the necessary evidence available that enabled him to write an accurate account of what happened in the Round House. This in turn sheds new light on the often dubious cases that hold now seek in vain the oranges outside of the public. Including through the Internet are a number of things now so transparent that the efforts include the RVD put almost comical, if they try it increasingly tarnished image from the oranges some plastering in.

A good example are the messages that the public are presented by the NIS and the side of waking Netherlands, which `is and wee`van Willem Alexander and Maxima is described in Brazil. This is in contrast to the Brazilian press, the fact that WA 1 1-2 hours to wait in an aircraft because of bad weather, of course, does not find worth mentioning. The Brazilian press is, moreover, as we can observe daily only very superficially geìnteresseeerd those adopted by the Dutch media inflated important trade delegation.

In the following film an interview with Rein Tuininga: