When you no longer want to be part of the system, you can claim your sovereignty according to several websites. This means that you withdraw from Dutch system. This with the idea that the government should serve the people and not vice versa. What are the consequences and it is smart enough to kick in this way against the system?

On May 12, 2014 sovereign Charles Bagchus had the right arrested by performing a citizen's arrest in the Amsterdam District Court. He is assisted by theonoom Peter Holland, (who had patience with this right).

Short explanation Sovereign man - so you can claim your name! This means that you are not a citizen anymore but a man of flesh and blood.

You do not pay any more taxes. You are outlawed. But then the government puts a stop to it.

You can rent a house for your name, then you have no license, no ID card and passport no more, because you no longer exists on paper. For the government, you're dead.

You can not move anymore, this way, the government has so grip on man. The population is a big milk cow for banks, governments, insurance and so on.

And why do you think that the Netherlands incorporates so many refugees? Something you did not know ... Every refugee, you think they cost money, just bring money to the government. Also, as long as the government verorzaakt unrest will continue discord among the population and development and no one will attack the government. Only citizens EACH OTHER. And that is RIGHT now the intention of the government. So that they can continue to take the nation further into the bar!